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Choosing The Right Floor Stain Colour For Your Sydney Home

If you have decided to sand and stain your timber floors, it’s time to choose a timber floor stain. Just like timber floors, timber floor stains also come in various choices— light stains, black, red, and brown stains and mid-tones in different hues and shades, making it an intimidating task to choose the one that suits your Sydney home and your style. That’s why we are here to help you.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Wood Floor Stain Colour

Here are the most important things you should focus on while selecting timber floor stain colour for your Sydney home.

1. Lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in the selection of the right stain. The appearance of timber floors alters with natural lighting and artificial lighting. It means the way the floorings look in the morning differs from how they look at night. Yet another thing is that exposure to sunlight can vary the colour of timber floors over time. Some floorings become dark while others get bleached. So, make sure you are aware and ask your floor sanding and staining professional to help you choose the right stain.

2. The Wooden Type

Stains are not absorbed equally in all types of timber floors. Some type of wood absorbs timber stains evenly and quickly, like oak, where staining turns out beautiful. Meanwhile, some wood species, like maple and birch, do not absorb stains evenly. It’s because they have tight grains and tiny pores, which makes the stain absorption uneven. Therefore, the final result may not look the exact way you imagined.

3. Size of Your Room

Consider the size of your room before settling for a stain colour. Dark stains can make rooms look smaller and darker, especially if they don’t receive enough lighting. On the other hand, light timber floor stains give a bright and airy appearance to rooms which makes the room big and spacious, even if the rooms are smaller without natural lighting.

4. Lifestyle

Although both dark stains and light stains receive the same kind of abuse, darker stains tend to show damage like scratches and wear and tear more than lighter ones. Moreover, dark stains show more dust than lighter ones. If you can’t sweep daily or mop regularly, lighter stains are the ideal option, as they are easy to maintain than their darker counterparts.

Pro Tips

Here are some pro tips to help you choose the right stain for your timber floors.

Area Test

As mentioned earlier, the final result or the look of your timber floors depends on many factors, including lighting, wood type, room size and the ceiling and furniture colour. Most importantly, your interior style. The best way to determine how the desired stain will look on your room is by doing an area test. After timber floor sanding, you can either apply stain in a small area or buy similar timber floorboards that match your existing floor and test on them. By doing so, you can decide better on how your finished flooring will look like.

Speak to a Floor Sanding and Polishing Professional Service

Selecting the right floor stain is crucial, as floors play a huge part in determining the look of your home. Contact a floor sanding and polishing company and let them help you choose the right stain and do it professionally to make your timber look gorgeous.


If you need our help, contact our team at Abacus Flooring. Our expert team will help you choose the right stain for your Sydney home.