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Can You Repair Wooden Floors?

Can You Repair Wooden Floors?

If your timber flooring is worn, then repairing rather than replacing it may be the best option.

Pending different factors your decision may be swayed on the age and condition of your flooring, how much you like the look of your existing floors and what your budget is for renovating your floors.

In most cases, it is less expensive to refinish your current wooden floors. Replacing them requires the purchase of new flooring material, with the addition of labour to demolish and dispose of the existing product. Secondly, this may cause disruption to your household as it will take many hours if not days depending on the size of your home.

What if My Wooden Flooring is Damaged?

Abacus Flooring in Sydney uses professional sanding techniques to sand down your flooring and remove any stains, marks and imperfections that have been caused through wear and tear before organising wooden floor polishing. If there is a section of your floor that is worn away or moderately damaged, a replacement/repair may be organised to match your existing flooring.

Replacing segments of flooring is quite an involved process. Abacus Flooring has the experience and expertise to sand and match exiting floorboards to new once and to match the shade as closely as possible. Achieving the ultimate finished product and customer satisfaction is always our priority.

Specialised Machines for Timber Floor Polishing

When polishing timber flooring, specialised machines are used. Generally, either drum sanders or large belts are used, with an edging machine for hard to reach parts of the home or office like the stairs and corners. Before staining the timber floors are sanded down. They are then vacuumed through to remove all remnants of dust particles. The sealing is then done quickly – before the dust has a chance to settle, so to speak!

The Polish and Finish of your Wooden Flooring

The exact process here involves a minimum of two finish coats, then that is left to dry. The finishes we offer include:

• Modified Oils
• Solvent Based Polyurethane
• Timber Stain
• Water-Based Polyurethane

The Time Factor

Replacing vs reviving both take time. It is clear that replacing all floors is a deeply involved project that should be well considered before beginning. Issues tend to arise once flooring is lifted; for example floor levels may be off or you may have rotting beams/supports. Arising issues and concerns take additional time and cost to overcome.

Also please note depending households it may take Stara approvals in apartments or townhouse dwellings.

Get the Latest Look

You can organise repolishing of your existing wooden floors and still get the latest look for your Sydney home. When it comes to flooring shades, both extremes of light and dark shades are in.

A light stain will give your room a warm, airy and welcoming look while a darker tone will add style and sophistication. Add a lacquer for a classy look for one or all of your rooms. Grey is hot right now and white-wash has been revived. Limestone looks are on trend too.

See our gallery for inspiration for bare naturals, to lime stone, to dark burgundy shades there is something to suit your home, style and taste.

Increase the Value of Your Property

By organising wooden floor polishing you can not only create a great look and feel for your home, but you can increase its value for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay. An important part of caring for floors is to have them professionally polished regularly.

If you would like more information or a quote on revamping your floors with wooden floor polishing, contact us. We provide flooring products and installation to all areas of Sydney. Our friendly team would be more than happy to help.

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