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4 Tips Before You Timber Floor Your Property

Whether you’re having you timber flooring installed by a professional or if you are doing a DIY timber flooring project, there are a few factors that you will need to consider to get the end product looking as spectacular as possible.

  1. Choose Your Timber

Before you get started you will need to choose the type of timber flooring you want to use. There are a number of types of timber available for flooring and these range from a host of Australian gums and ironbarks. It’s best to do your research and find out what type suits your home and your budget.

  1. Choose Your Timber Sander

Once the timber flooring has been laid, the next step is finding the right timber floor sanders to get those floors looking their absolute best. This will even out the floor and prepare it for polishing. Whether you’re located in Sydney or the Northern beaches there are qualified timber floor sanders like Abacus Flooring who will offer a professional service for timber floor sanding.

  1. Choose Your Timber Polisher

After the timber floor has been laid and the timber floor sander has been through, the next step is finding a timber floor polisher in Sydney or the Northern Beaches who can create a fantastic finish that will complete the new look of your timber flooring in your home. Abacus Flooring offer timber floor polishing services in Sydney and the Northern Beaches and they’ll provide an end result that will leave you dazzled.

  1. Choose Your Timber Stain

When having your timber floors polished, you’ll need to find the perfect timber floor finish. There are stains available in a variety of colours and you can match these with the timber you’ve selected to lay on the floors. Whatever suits the look and feel of your home best is really up to you and there are many options for you to choose from to get the exact style that suits your home.

Where to Now?

When looking to have new timber floors laid in your home, you want to consider the type of timber you use, you want to prep the floors for polishing by having them sanded and you want to choose the perfect finish. Abacus Flooring service Sydney and Northern Beaches and are there to help once you’ve laid your timber floors!

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