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6 Factors How Timber Floors in Your Office Can Impress Your Clients/Visitors

When it comes to your office space, you want it to look clean, crisp and inviting. Whether you have clients coming to the business or you’re just creating a beautiful space for visitors and employees, you want to have the right flooring to set the mood and create an element of sophistication.

  1. Style

Timber floors are a stylish choice for any office space. They look great and create a modern look and feel for any office. An office with polished timber floors is impressive and gives a crisp feel for anyone who enters the business.

  1. Sophistication

Timber floors look classy in an office and will be sure to impress any clients or visitors to your business. They create a sophisticated look that is not achieved as easily with carpeted floors.

  1. Easy to Clean

Timber flooring that has been sanded and polished is easier to keep clean than carpets. With a business there is high foot traffic from clients, visitors and employees and keeping them clean is paramount to making a good impression.

  1. Cleanliness

There is less build-up of dirt, germs and grime from hardwood timber flooring than there is with carpets. Mould and mildew builds up in carpet fibres, so it’s far more hygienic to have your office fitted with sanded and polished timber floors.

  1. Less Wear

Carpets wear down over time from foot traffic which happens on a regular basis with any business. Hardwood floors don’t experience as much wear and dirt from the foot traffic especially as they are easier to keep clean.

  1. Expensive to Maintain

If carpets wear down they not only ruin the look of your office space but they are also extremely expensive to replace. With timber flooring it’s a lot cheaper to simply invest in a timber sanding or a timber polish to bring those floors back to life.

Choose Timber Flooring!

Timber flooring is not only more stylish for the office and creates a modern look, it’s also easier to maintain and keep clean. Best of all, it’s more hygienic for your customers and employees. It’s easy to repair by simply employing the services of an expert timber sanding and flooring company like Abacus Flooring!

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