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An Expert Guide to Timber Floor Care and Maintenance

Timber flooring is aesthetically pleasing, hardwearing, and can be a major feature of your home or workplace. It does however need some care and maintenance to keep it looking good. Whether you sand, polish, stain, or use a combination of these methods every floor type is different. For best results, always have your floors maintained by professionals.

Timber floors have increased in popularity in recent years, and there are many different products and advice on exactly how you should maintain and clean them. Each timber floor is unique as is the amount of wear and tear that it receives. Here are our expert tips:

Timber Floors Require Regular Maintenance

Timber flooring generally takes little effort to maintain, but there are a number of things to consider. Sand and grit can be walked into the floors, or the floors may be scratched by furniture or shoes.

To minimise the effects of wear and tear, use floor mats by the front and back doors, and rugs on the main area of your home. Sunlight can affect the quality of your flooring and contribute to gapping of the boards. Look after your floors by mopping up spills as they occur.

If your flooring has become water logged, the timber may darken. The finish is partially worn and re-coating needs to be undertaken. Contact us with as many details of the original coating as you can. Our team at Abacus Flooring Sydney can repair the damage.

Avoid dragging furniture over coated surfaces, and fit protective felt pads to furniture and chairs. Replace your vacuum heads regularly. Worn vacuum heads will scratch your floor. So can stiletto heels so be sure to take those high heels off before you walk on your floors

Regularly Clean Your Timber Floors

Timber floors require regular cleaning to keep them looking good, and to stop dust, dirt and grime from become ground into your floors. Clean up any spills as soon as they occur. For regular cleaning, a sweep and mop is all that is needed.

Use of Professional Floor Cleaning Products

Use quality floor cleaning products to care for your timber floors. Always test a small patch of the floor when you are using a new product to ensure that the cleaner is compatible with the coating of your flooring.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

Are your floors looking a little tired? Your timber floors should be regularly sanded and polished to keep them in tip top condition. When your floors are expertly sanded and polished they will give your home a fresh new look. Scratches can be removed, discoloration can disappear, and your flooring will again be a real feature for your home.

Having your floors sanded and polished is far less time consuming and much more convenient than reinstalling your floors. Floors can generally be walked on within 60 hours.

Give Your Home a Sophisticated Look with Professional Floor Care

If you want a new look for your home, it can be as easy as having a new floor finish professionally applied to your flooring. There is such a huge range of hues to choose from, with everything from traditional timber stains through to limewashing and shades of black. Your home or office can very easily be transformed with fresh, eye-catching flooring stains and washes. It becomes a real pleasure for you, your family and friends to spend time in your home.

Abacus Flooring perform professional timber flooring, sanding and polishing services throughout Sydney, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Sydney, Inner West Sydney, Penrith, Hills District, Blacktown, Sutherland Shire, St George, and South Western Sydney. To modernise and brighten up your floors, contact our team at Abacus Flooring Sydney for a free consultation.

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