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Can You Sand & Polish Parquetry Flooring?

We are often asked if it can be sanded and polished to keep it looking in peak condition. The short answer is yes – however we do recommend that it is professionally done.

Abacus Flooring service all areas of Sydney, Northern Beaches, Northern Shore, Eastern Sydney, Inner West Sydney, Hills District, Blacktown and Penrith, St George and Sutherland Shire and South Western Sydney.

Sanding Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry flooring can be repaired, sanded and polished. You keep your natural, environmentally friendly and aesthetic floors in tip top condition all year around with regular inspection and maintenance. There are a number of floor sanding options available, and sanding will give your floors a fresh and bright new look. Once the sanding is completed you can choose the type of polish that you like.

Our team clean up after the sanding process to minimise the dust that goes through your home or business premises. Our tradesmen are careful, professional, friendly and reliable.

Floor Polishing and Staining

After your floor is sanded, or if you are just needing a top up floor polish we coat the floor with polish. It can also be stained a different shade – we have everything from trendy limewash through to black. There is a look and feel for everyone taste and style. There are a number of different types of polishes to choose form incluing solvent based polyurethane, water-based polyurethane and oil-modified urethane. Our flooring experts can help to choose something that is ideal for your home or premises.

Updating Parquetry Floors

If you have an older parquetry floor it may be an orange colour or out of date style. The parquetry style of flooring that was popular in 1960s and 1970s homes is just not what homeowners are looking for today. Whether you are wanting to remove and revamp the flooring for you and your family or are looking to sell there any many ways that older parquetry flooring can be updated, giving your home a great modern look at a cost effective price.

Thinner woods used in parquetry are not as desirable as thicker styles now, so if your parquetry is on the thinner side consider that there are only a limited number of times you can sand it down. If there is enough wood left, sanding down the flooring to get rid of orange and dated colours and staining the floor an ebony colour. This is a good neutral tone and it can make your room appear really spacious. This also makes the older style less noticeable.

Floor Maintenance Services

Our services for parquetry floors include:
• Cleaning and polishing flooring
• Light sanding and polishing
• Sanding your existing floor and polishing it
• Repair of damaged floors. If you have dented, stained, or damaged your parquetry panels or tiles our team can repair the damage and have your floors looking like new again
• Limewashing for modern fresh look
• Top-up coats can be done as a maintenance measure
• Polishing and buffing services
• Modernising the look of your parquetry floors. There are many great shapes, shades, and designs available. If you would like a change from your parquetry it can also be used as an insulating layer while hardwood floors are installed on top.

Abacus Flooring have over 28 years of experience in flooring. If you would like a new look for your home or business, contact us for more information on flooring today.

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