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Choosing The Right Wooden Floor Finish – Satin, Gloss or Matte?

Having a professional floor sanding and polishing is a great way to create a crisp, modern and stylish look in your home or office that will improve the value of your home and smooths out surfaces to remove scratches and imperfections.

There are a number of timber floor finishes you can choose from to match to the look and needs of your home, including matte, satin and gloss.

What is a Floor Finish?

The process starts with the professional floor sander and polisher sanding back your wooden floors to reveal a nice smooth surface. This primes the floors to have a stain added to achieve the colour you’re looking for. From there, a timber floor finish and polish are applied which is what protects the floors from moisture, future wear and creates a coating between the floorboards and dirt and dust.

It’s an essential part of the floorboard sanding and polishing process. There are three main options when it comes to what sort of finish you want to apply to your wooden floors. This is a Satin, Gloss or Matte finish and they all come with their own perks and advantages.

Gloss Finish
A very popular finish available is the gloss or semi-gloss finish for timber floorboard polishing. This creates a glossy shine on your wooden floors that creates a really modern and stylish look. Its gleaming finish is a striking feature in a home or office and that’s the reason this type of timber floor finish is so popular.

However, a gloss finish can be high maintenance, so it does take some regular maintenance to keep that pristine gloss finish gleaming for years to come.

If you do keep up with the cleaning and even get another floor polish performed down the track, you’ll be left with gleaming, shiny and glossy floors that add additional value to your home, add a stylish and modern look and look fantastic when that glimmer of sunshine comes through and hits the surface. Check out our ultra-modern gloss floor finishes here.

Satin Finish
A satin finish is a popular choice as it gives a middle or neutral type of finish that is versatile to fit with a number of decors and styles. It provides a look that is a combination of modern and stylish with a traditional and timeless feel and look to your home or office.

It still provides a glossy finish but is more neutral and it requires far less maintenance over time. It’s easy to maintain the shine and keep clean and depending on the stain colour you go, the floor doesn’t show up dirt and dust quite as much as the shine on a high gloss.

It’s a great, versatile timber floor polish that will keep your wooden floors looking great for years to come. You can see samples of our satin finishes for wooden flooring in our Portfolio.

Matte Finish
A matte finish is one of the hardest wearing wooden floor polishes you can have applied to your timber floors which makes it extremely popular, especially if you have kids or pets. The matte finish also means it hides light scratches and built up dust and dirt, improving the appearance of the wooden floor.

The matte finish won’t reflect the light as much as a gloss, and this is ideal for many people who like the more subtle feel and gentle tones in the surface.

Talk to the Experts
If you’re still not sure which wooden floor finish will work best to achieve the style you’re looking for in your home’s décor, then contact Abacus Flooring in Sydney. We can show you examples of the work we’ve done on your type of wooden floors and how different finishes might look with a gloss, matte or satin finish applied.

You can view some examples of the work we’ve performed with the different finishes on different type of wood surfaces in our Portfolio here.

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