Different Types of Timber Floor Finishes in the Market and Their Benefits

Timber flooring is timeless, classic and beautiful. Our quality timber finishes provide a sheen and result that not only has an elegant and luxurious appearance, it protects your floor from dirt, wear and tear and moisture. We have a variety of beautiful floor finishes and stains available.

Our modern technology and expert knowledge and experience will allow us to bring out the best in any timber.

Our quality floor finishes include the following options:

Oil-modified Urethane (UMO)

This floor finish is strong and durable, and contains both polyurethane and curing oils. Designed to allow for movement in your timber it also is quite resistant to wear. Splitting and splintering of the timer is prevented. UMO contains a combination of synthetic resins, plasticizers and film forming components. Oil-modified urethane is moisture resistant. It is widely used in gyms and on timber floors in sporting facilities.

Moisture-cured Urethane

Moisture-cure urethane finishes are designed to cure with water. They protect your timber by way of a durable and highly resistant protective film which gives an effective and beautiful high gloss finish.

Water-based Urethane

Water is the base solvent of this floor finish rather than being petroleum based. This is a healthy and environmentally friendly option which produces a low odour and gives a more natural look.

Water based urethane is perfect for light coloured timbers as it minimizes yellowing. It is very durable and has a high-quality finish.

Stain Floor Finishes

Stained floor finishes soak into the timber and then harden to form a protective and penetrating seal. We have a range of quality timber stains available to enhance any home or business premises.

Lime wash/Wood wash

An oil based liming stain which gives a soft, milky effect to timber.  This type of finish requires skilled tradesmen to apply, as it is a wipe on/wipe off application.  Lime wash is most commonly used to unify the grain on timber floors with deep grain structure like oak. The white or pale lime wash stays in the grain when the bulk of the product is rubbed off with a rag.  For a more durable result it’s recommended that you seal the floor once it’s dried.


Our professional and friendly team can help you to choose a quality timber floor finish that will beautify and modernize your home or business, and enhance your décor. At Abacus Flooring we are experts in timber floor polishing, timber floor sanding and all floor finishes and installation. Contact us today for more information.

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