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DIY Floor Polishing or Hiring a Professional: Which Is Best?

If you think you are a jack of all trades, then you may think you can tackle floor sanding and polishing yourself. But before you jump in, you need to think about the hurdles you are about to face. DIY Floor Polishing is not as easy as you might think.

You can easily get started with floor sanding and polishing, but what if the outcome is disastrous? We see many attempts at DIY floor sanding sand polishing that end in catastrophe. In the end, DIY can cost you more in the long run when you have to bring in the professionals to fix your mistakes.

As leading experts in high-quality timber floor sanding and polishing in Sydney, Abacus Flooring offers a free consultation for floor revamping. Only experts can give unparalleled results to make your home’s wooden floors look amazing.

Handling Sanding Machines

Floor sanding machines are not easy to operate. As they are bulky and noisy, it becomes quite difficult to use them. You can rent a floor sander, but this can cause problems if you do not know how to operate them in the right way.

If you have no prior experience in handling floor sanding machines you may cause serious damage to your floor. Furthermore, mishandling of these machines can cause injury and, if you go down this road, you will need to follow all the safety precautions to avoid any accident.

Efficiency at Your Own Cost

DIY floor sanding and polishing is a strenuous and stressful job for sure. The sanding process consumes a lot of time, and there will be an excess of fine dust particles to deal with. At the end of the day, it takes a toll on your body.

Abacus Flooring uses the latest technology and trends to provide excellent flooring services that are hassle and stress free. We clean, prepare, sand and polish to ensure a pristine space is left behind.  

Approaching Your Floor

Preparing is equally as vital as executing the task of sanding and polishing. You should always keep in mind the quality and current condition of your flooring. Note to carefully look for any skirting boards, scratches, dents or pet stains.

As experts in floor polishing, we have seen many a DIYer going wrong with making assumptions about their ability to manoeuvre machinery. We’ve also seen damage caused to flooring from overdoing sanding over scratches causing uneven surfaces.

There are also possibilities that your floor is not completely clean from the previous coating, and there may be stains around the edge. In most cases, the floorboard is not going to be flat. The timber flooring professionals have the right solution to tackle bad flooring situations and provide high-quality flooring services.

Feasibility Before Choice

Your choice of polish should suit your flooring. You need experience in choosing the right polish as some chemicals can be harsh on certain timber. Whether you like it glossy or matte, it should have easy maintenance in the long run.

Our floor polishing professionals will figure out the best coating for your timber floors based on the suitability of your floors and your personal preferences and tastes. Also, choosing the right polish for your flooring has a significant effect on the overall aesthetics of your home. So, do not risk your energy choosing the wrong polish.

Are You Skilled Enough?

The onset of floor sanding and polishing can look straightforward. However, it takes a long time to get your floors clean without any shades and marks. You also have to consider your furnishing style and light settings to match your flooring. 

Anyone can use a floor sander but what makes it different is how to use them effectively for the perfect finish. If you are untrained, you could end up in a messy finish.

Call a Professional

You can do your own floor polishing and sanding for your Sydney home, but if you don’t want to regret a bad decision, call an expert! With expert professionalism in floor sanding and polishing, we provide results that will have your floors looking like new again.

With 27 years of expertise in floor sanding and polishing in Sydney, call us now for a free quote on (02) 8425 8999.