Flooring Tips for Investment Properties

When you are choosing flooring for investment properties there are more things to consider than when you are flooring your own home! You want the flooring to withstand wear and tear, be cost effective and also be long lasting. Here are some flooring tips for investment properties:

Use Basic Tones

You will want the property to appeal to a vast amount of people. Use neutral tones rather than anything which may make a bold statement and not be to everyone’s taste. Neutrals also stay in fashion for longer, whilst trends need replacing more often.

Think About Your Prospective Tenants

Where your property is located and the type of investment property that you have will determine the tenants that will rent your property. A smaller space will be suited to singles or couples and a large home will more likely to be rented by a family. Consider durability and maintenance. Is your property more likely to be rented by a couple, young people sharing, or a family? Will pets be allowed?

Timber Floor Sanding

Consider floor polishing on the existing timber. This may be an economical option. Timber floor sanding and floor polishing can create a whole new modern look to existing flooring.  Variety of options available from clear coatings to stains and lime wash.


You will need to consider durability when you are upgrading the flooring on your investment property. Timber floor finishes are great for main living areas for durability.

Match the Design of Your Property

For the best look for your investment property use darker colours in large spaces and light neutral tones to add light and a feel of space to smaller rooms.

You are wanting to achieve a modern, clean and aesthetic look that will appeal to a variety of people. Choose durable flooring that suits the property.


When choosing flooring for your investment property consider highly trafficked areas, the effect on rooms with heavy furniture, insulation, maintenance and quality. You want your flooring to last. For quality timber flooring polishing, sanding and floor finishes contact us at Abacus Flooring Sydney.

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