How Abacus Flooring Care for Your Floating Floors

If you’ve had floating floors installed in Sydney, you’re probably wondering how they can be maintained and cared for. Where photo realistic floating floors cannot be sanded or polished, it’s worth investing in the timber veneer version, which can be maintained. Here’s how Abacus Flooring take care of timber veneer floating floor boards.

Caution When Sanding

Floating timber veneer flooring is very delicate and should only be sanded and polished by a professional, and no more than once or twice. Abacus Flooring will realistically assess the current state of your floors, ensure that sanding or polishing is appropriate and take extra care to ensure that no harm comes to your floating floors.

Water-Based Finishes

For floating floors, we recommend only using water-based Polyurethane polish finishes. Any finishes which are not water-based will damage your floating floors and should not be used. We use high quality, water-based polishes to ensure the look and the health of your floating floors. Don’t risk damage to your precious investment, get the best water-based polishes administered by a trained professional like Abacus Flooring.

It Will Look Expensive

People tend to choose floating floors because they’re easier to have installed and they’re not as expensive as traditional timber floors. However, with this is the risk that they’ll have a bit of a cheap look to them. We can help with that! A professional polish of your floating floors from Abacus Flooring can make those inexpensive floors look classy and expensive. A refinish from us is just what your floors need!

Call Abacus Flooring

If you’ve had floating floors installed in Sydney or you already have floating floors and you’re looking to improve some damage or just the look, then contact the experts at Abacus Flooring to take the care necessary to protect your timber floating floors.

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