How Floor Sanding Can Correct Timber Floor Scratches

Polished timber floors make a beautiful addition to any home, but they’re certainly not immune to damage and the most common cause is moving furniture. If you’ve accidently scratched your timber floors, there’s really no need to worry! They can be professionally fixed with timber floor sanding.

Top Coat Scratches

Top coat scratches are far easier for us to fix and by doing so, you’re greatly improving the look of your timber floors. These minor scratches can occur from day to day living, so they’re a common problem among home owners.

Fixing Top Coat Scratches

A professional floor sander will be able to fix this problem with minor disruption. The top surface may need to be slightly sanded to ensure the scratches are removed and then a coat of floor polish is placed around the sanded area and possibly the entire floor, if it needs to be blended.

Deeper Scratches

Deeper scratches are when you can physically feel the scratch, not just see it. This takes a little more work to fix but it’s still possible for professionals to get these out of your timber floors too.

Fixing Deeper Scratches

For deeper scratches, a professional will need to strip back and sand the timber down so the scratch is no longer visible. Again, this will then require a floor polish and depending on the current condition of the floorboard’s polish, it may be necessary to varnish the entire floor so that the polish is even. This means your entire timber floors will look like new again!

Where to Get Scratches Fixed

If you’ve scratched your polished timber floor boards anywhere, then call Abacus Flooring. We are floor sanders in Sydney and we are the experts at repairing even deep scratches. We’ll get those floor boards looking they’re absolute best!

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