The Importance of Coating Outdoor Decking

As summer ends, your external timber may be looking a little tired after the hot and dry conditions.

Before the cold and rain set in, now is a good time to think about refreshing your decking.

As expert decking and floor sanders in Sydney, we recommend that before sanding and coating the decks, you check that the boards are in good condition and all screws are sitting below the surface (about 3mm is sufficient). Inspect the surface of your decking thoroughly, especially where it makes contact with the ground or where it connects to another wooden surface.

It is important to clean your deck thoroughly every year. Soapy water and a brush and then a low-pressure cleaner is the best method of removing built up grime and dirt.

Your deck needs to be sanded back before applying the coating. For all deck and outdoor floor sanding, sand in fine weather using a belt sander, palm sander, and sanding sponge. We advise you to use a respiratory mask for health and safety reasons.

There are many different types of coatings available for external timber, there are water based, and oil based options.The majority are clear; however, some do come with colour tints.  Color tints will obviously fade with exposure to the sun.

Maintain a protective layer over your decking to protect it from the elements. Failure to do so will result in your decking rotting with exposure to rain and the elements. Unfortunately, external coatings do not have the longevity that internal coatings have, and will need to be re-done annually.

Two coats of a good decking oil will ensure that your deck is looking good once summer comes around again!

For a free quote for your outdoor decking needs, contact us at Abacus Flooring. We provide quality deck and floor polishing and sanding in all Sydney areas.

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