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How Can Your Business Benefit from Polished Timber Floors

Revamping your business premises with timber floors gives a timeless aesthetic look to your building that will impress clients, visitors, and staff. Timber floors are durable, need little maintenance and will never need replacing.

Value for Money

Timber floors are an economical option both to install and maintain. This leaves more in your business budget to spend on other areas. Hardwood floors will also add value to your office building.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Hardwood is an environmentally friendly solution. Using natural materials means that you are helping to improve the green footprint. The timber industry in Australia actively participates in wildlife conservation projects and reforestation. Our native environment is protected – and hardwood flooring is fully recyclable.

Allergen Resistant

Many staff pick up allergies and germs from dust and dust mites. Having timber flooring is a healthier alternative to carpets. Dust, dust mites, and mould are not harboured in hardwood floors as they can be in carpets. This makes for a healthier work environment and fewer sicknesses and absences.

Easy to Maintain

Timber floors are easy to maintain and need only to be swept and mopped. We recommend that they are professionally cleaned yearly. For best results sanding and floor polishing should be done every 10 to 15 years. Floors that become stained or have heavy traffic may need professional floor sanding and polishing more often. Compared to carpets and other floor types, hardwood floors are extremely low maintenance.

Timber Floors are Aesthetic

Quality timber floors always look elegant. They give a warm and professional touch to your workplace. There are many shades and types of hardwood available. There is something to suit everyone.


Abacus Flooring specialise in flooring, floor sanding and polishing, and maintenance of timber wooden floors in Sydney and surrounding areas. Our friendly professional team have a wealth of knowledge about all things flooring. For more information or product advice contact us today.

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