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What Can You Do to Maintain the Appearance of Your Timber Floors?

Beautiful timber floors enhance and offset your home and décor. They are functional and durable as well as aesthetic. Taking a few simple steps will keep your wood floor looking newer for longer.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

Cleaning your timber floors regularly by firstly sweeping them and then mopping them reduces abrasive dirt and grit. Always clean any spills up immediately. Use quality products to care for your floors, and always use non-abrasive cloths. Ask the company that installed the floor coverings what they recommend for your particular type of flooring.

Professional Cleaning

You will never be able to remove all of the dirt and grit from your floor with DIY cleaning. Once each year hire a professional for floor polishing and cleaning. This will keep them newer for longer and minimise any abrasive damage.

Floor Sanding and Polishing

Professional floor polishing and sanding should be done on your timber floors every 10-15 years to keep them looking great. In comparison to replacing carpets this is a very economical option.

Protection of Your Timber Flooring

Timber is a natural product and with time discolouration, dents and scratching will occur.

  • Never drag furniture when moving it and always use felt pads under your furniture items. This is especially important with dining chairs and other items which you move on a regular basis.
  • Use rugs inside to protect your floor from dirt and grime.
  • Use doormats to ensure that you do not track dirt into the home unnecessarily.
  • Wear only flat shoes when walking on your timber flooring.
  • Have your pet’s nails trimmed so that they do not scratch the flooring.


Timber floors can last a lifetime if properly cared for. When you take these pointers into consideration, your timber floor will continue to look great for many years.

At Abacus Flooring we specialise in floor sanding and polishing in Sydney. For more information on supply and maintenance of wooden floors, contact us.

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