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How Much Does It Cost To Sand & Polish My Timber Floors?

I guess the short answer is, it depends. While it varies between $35 and $75 m2 there are factors that will dictate the price you are quoted. I will try to elaborate on some of these factors to provide more context and help you with the fact that prices will vary.

Floor Type/condition

The actual species of timber and the condition can affect the extent of sanding needed to provide a good base to refinish. Common problems that we see are cupped or bowed boards, some species of extremely hard timber, excessive knotting, and stains or dents. On a typical house this could mean another day of sanding and will increase the price.

Floor layout

The room configuration and shape can affect the pricing. When an excessive amount of hand sanding is needed, e.g. stairs or built-ins where the large machine can’t access the area, it will increase the time taken and the price. Large open areas will generally be at a better rate.

Type of Finish

The type and process needed to refinish the floor will affect the pricing and this is where professional advice is essential to match the finish to the decor and lifestyle you have. Some examples of more expensive finishes are staining, liming, bleaching and commercial grade finishes. Cheaper examples are solvent based finishes.


Yes, believe me, how hard it is to access the floor is a consideration when pricing. The ideal job has level clear access for machinery and workers, and room for vehicles close by, but this is not possible every time. It is something that is often overlooked but can be made a part of preparing the property ready for the job.

Other works

Other trades and the order of work is an important consideration when planning a job. Quite simply, a freshly painted house is harder to sand and refinish the floor because more care is needed near the painted surfaces that can easily mark. Additionally, the dust produced from sanding can affect the painted finish. This is a very common occurrence and depending on the complexity could mean paying a bit more.


The timing of the job can be another reason to affect pricing and if you can plan with this in mind you could save some money. Weekends and public holidays attract a surcharge as a general rule and trying to fit in multiple trades which push out or shorten the normal job process can mean additional expenses.


Last but not least, and yes the weather can play a part and affect the price. Some finishes require a certain temperature range to set and dry, so excessive cold or wet weather is bound to extend the time of the job and hence the allowance needed to complete the job.

I trust this provides you a better understanding of what goes into the pricing of a timber floor sanding and re-finishing. Abacus Flooring in Sydney highly recommend a site visit to fully ascertain the scope of the job prior to quoting.