How Often Do Timber Floors Need Sanding?

If you have timber floors in your home, then you no doubt recognise the true value that professionally sanded and polished floors bring to the stylish look of a home and how they can greatly improve the overall appearance of the entire space.

But our customers often wonder, how often do you really need to have your floors sanded and polished? Here’s a guide to help you make the right decision for your individual circumstances.

General Rule

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often you should sand your timber floors, but a general rule is that you should book in a floor sanding and polish every 10 – 15 years to be sure to remove any scratches, dents or damage that occurs over time and to ensure the health of your timber floors for years to come.

This, however, is an overarching guide to maintain hardwood floors, but may not be the best fit for everyone. For families with kids and pets, the time frame to have a professional floor sanding may be much shorter and you may wish to consider having this performed every 5 – 8 years to maintain the look you desire and keep the surface smooth.

Maintain Your Floors

If you wish to prolong the time between having to get the professional floor sanders in, then there’s a few simple tips you can follow to help avoid damage and scratches to your timber floors, which is the biggest impacting factor to how often you need them sanded.

These include having furniture stoppers for big heavy items such as couches and fridges, avoiding walking on the surface with high heels, keeping floors clear from dirt and dust and ensuring that there are rugs laid on high traffic areas.

All this works to prolonging the life of your timber floor sanding to ensure your surfaces remain smooth and scratch free for as long as possible.

Tips for Offices

If you have hardwood floors in an office or shop front, then you may have extra traffic coming through from staff and customers and this can cause the floorboards to become worn and damaged over time at a much more rapid rate than in the home.

For this reason, an office or shop may require more regular sanding and polishing, and you will need to judge that on your own personal needs.

Being that your shop front can reflect on your business, you may wish to book in more regular sanding and polishing to ensure the floors are polished and pristine to enhance the look of your business.

Individual Flooring Needs

At the end of the day, you need to assess the individual condition of your floorboards to see if it’s time to arrange to have your floors sanded.

If you wish to ensure your floors are pristine, then having them sanded and polished every 5 – 7 years is the best way to achieve that. It general though, you can get away with having them done every 10 – 15 years.

A timber floor sanding removes the top surface of the timber and this reveals a smooth surface that is primed and ready for a fresh floor polish.

Once this is complete, you’ll have beautiful hardwood floors that will greatly improve the entire look and feel of your home, which is both stylish and sophisticated.

Professional Floor Sanders

If you’ve decided it’s time for you to get moving and start organising to have a professional floor sanding, then Abacus Flooring have got you covered!

We offer floor sanding and polishing services across Sydney; including Sydney’s Inner West, Hills District, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore and the Penrith Area.

Contact us today to book in your free quote and assessment! For more information, visit our FAQ section.

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