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Protecting Your Investment in Timber Floors

Having timber floors throughout your home is a great alternative to having carpeted areas. It’s easier to keep clean, easier to maintain and greatly improves the appearance of your home.

That’s because timber floors are elegant and stylish, and compliment almost any décor and look your want to achieve in your home.

They’re also a big investment and can be costly to install, especially a high quality timber. For that reason, you want to ensure you maintain and get the true value out of your investment into your floorboards.

After all, you’ve outlaid the cost, you should definitely ensure your wooden floors longevity!

Professional Sanding

After you’ve had your new timber floors laid, you’ll want to invest in a professional floor sanding. DIY can be tempting, but as with most things, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals to avoid accidental damage or incorrect processes and procedures for how the job is carried out.

You’ve put in the money and made the investment to have the floor laid, you should continue to invest properly in your floors by allowing them to have a decent sand and polish from a professional team.

You can contact Abacus Flooring in Sydney for a free quote on sanding your timber floors to get an idea of what fits to your budget. It’s a better way to ensure the job is done right and that no harm comes to your newly laid floorboards.

Regular Sanding

Once you’ve had your initial floor sanding, you’re probably wondering how long before you’ll need the next one. A general rule is every 10 – 15 years, which means investing in a professional floor sanding could last you over a decade and half. Now that’s money well spent!

Each time you have your floors sanded in Sydney and surrounding areas, you’ll have your floors left with a smooth and even finish that ensures they are ready to get to work in covering with a pristine polish and finish.

It’s a good way to greatly improve and to maintain the appearance of your wooden floors, and to ensure that they last the test of time looking their absolute best. It’s a sensible way to protect the investment you’ve made in having the timber floors laid.

Timber Floor Finishes

Choosing the right floor finish and stain will come down to your budget and your personal preferences but it’s an important decision when it comes to ensuring the long term health of your wooden floors.

Solvent based polyurethanes and water based polyurethanes have varying degrees of which one is more hard wearing, and which one will evidently keep your floors more scratch resistant in the future.

In terms of this, the water-based finish is the one the professional floor sanders would suggest going with. Plus, if you’ve made the investment to have the timber laid, then you want to make the right decisions about what type of finish you put on them, so it’s a smart decision to make.

It’s better for your wooden floors and will also ensure that there is longer between when you have to have them polished again, which saves you money in the long run.

Trust the Team at Abacus

If you’ve made the investment, protect it! The team at Abacus Flooring only employ the best techniques and procedures to ensure that your timber floors will come up looking beautifully even and smooth and polished to pristine perfection.

Contact us today to get your free quote on timber floor sanding and polishing today! We cover all of Sydney, including Sydney’s Inner West, Hills District, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore and the Penrith Area.

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