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The Problems with DIY Floor Polishing & Sanding

DIY renovations does have its pos’s and con’s and it must all be considered.

Unless you are a professional in the trade; chances are you are less likely to get a ‘professional’ finish everyone is looking for. It can be considerably time consuming and messy with both fine grains of dust and possible polish spillage making the reno project quite stressful to those untrained in the trade. As experts in floor sanding and floor polishing in Sydney, we have seen our share of mishaps from home handymen!

Here are some of the problems you can face when you go the Do it Yourself route:

Hiring of Equipment

When you hire floor sanding equipment in Sydney, it can be hard to know where to start. The tools are known to be bulky, heavy, and difficult to maneuver. It can also cost you a pretty penny on a cost per day hire so unless you are hand polishing your floors, you will need to hire or buy both a sander and a polisher.

Scratching Your Flooring

At the sanding stage, it can be very easy to scratch or mark your timber floors. If you do decide to Do It Yourself, practice on some scrap timber before you start on your home’s flooring.

Costly Errors

When you are a home handyman it can be easy to make costly mistakes that you then need to pay an expert to fix! By hiring a profession at the start, you get a better look for your floors all round.

Sanding and Polishing Can Be Hard Work

Sanding and polishing floors can be taxing on the body. Using a sander and polisher can lead to sore backs, legs, shoulders, and arms. If you are untrained in the correct way to use this equipment doing your own floor polishing can lead to strains, bruises and injury.

Choosing the Right Polish

The right polish, as with the right sanding technique, can make all the difference when it comes to the end result for your timber floors. As well as the shade and quality of the polish or stain, there is the floor type to consider. Some types of timber are suited more specifically to certain timbers. Abacus Flooring can help you choose the right polish for every type of flooring.

What is in Vogue?

Flooring companies are knowledgeable about current trends when it comes to flooring, as well as lighting, what will go with your home and furnishings, and the accessories to use in your home that will highlight your revamped floors. When your floor is sanded and polished correctly it will modernise your home and give you an updated look that will last for years.

Can You Do Your Floor Polishing Yourself?

Simply, yes but it is best to consider all possible issues and costs that may occur as it is not as ‘easy’ as one may think. Floor sanding equipment has a reputation for being hard to maneuverer and it can be tricky to get an even result. Bear in mind that stains and polishes can react quite differently depending on the type of flooring that you have.

Flooring professionals know the exact types of chemicals and polishes to match your floors.

Calling in the professionals can save you time and money. Floors are professionally cleaned, sanded, and polished using the best of products. With more than 27 years of experience, we stand behind our work with a full guarantee. Our floor polishers in Sydney will have your floors looking as new in no time at all.

Contact our floor polishing and sanding team in Sydney by email, or phone (02) 8425 8999 for an obligation free quote today.

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