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What Are The Latest Timber Flooring Trends in 2022?

Rich Colour Blend

Bold wooden floor looks are outshining the subtle colour and tone trend of the yesteryears. Hardwoods with naturally bold and wild grain patterns with different colour tones are booming as they offer a statement look to the home and office set up.

One great way to pull the look is by using reclaimed wooden flooring. They easily blend wooden floors of different sizes, colours, and tones. You can then finish them with wooden floor sanding and polishing to get a beautiful, bold, and cohesive look.

Rustic Touch

Rustic wooden floors are a classic and timeless hardwood flooring option that’s becoming trendy as people are more into authentic vintage styles. These floors extend beyond their elegant looks to offer an emotional appeal as they connect more with nature and the past. They look gorgeous on both modern houses and vintage style homes and farmhouses.

Wide wooden planks with nail holes, wormholes, patina, and distinct grains, these reclaimed woods are perfect rustic choices. You can always style them in different ways to bring out their character and charm. Moreover, you can also create a distressed look to your new wooden floors with light floor sanding techniques.

Smokey Tones

Grey wooden floors have been a favourite choice for many homeowners since their conception, and they are still continuing to make their mark strongly. They look exceptionally good in contemporary homes, adding a lot of character. So, this year it’s all about the smokey grey colour that offers an edgy look and appealing depth to the home interior.

You can achieve a chic smokey grey colour by sanding and staining wooden floorboards of almost any species and variety. There are also prefinished hardwoods that are available in smokey grey tones.

Whitewashed Wooden Floors

Bleached or limewashed wooden floors have been the most sought out wooden floors for some years now. They look good with any type of interior design and style. However when it comes to contemporary homes, no other flooring matches the look that whitewashed floors offer. They make contemporary spaces more elegant with their smooth, light and airy look.

Bleached and whitewashed wooden floors also become an excellent backdrop for a busy room. If you have congested spaces, bleaching or whitewashing your timber floors is the best way to make them look bigger and maximise decor.

Wide Wooden Planks

Recently wooden floor trends are inclined towards the vintage style. So wider wooden planks are making a prominent comeback as they pull the vintage charm effortlessly. The wider your wooden planks, the more character and rustic look your home gets.

Wide wooden planks also allow you to style in numerous ways to create a unique look. You can change the entire look of them by hardwood floor sanding and staining or just keep with their rustic look. If you love to add more character and drama to your living space, just let the planks show their natural grains and knots.

Classic Parquet Layouts

When it comes to wooden floor designs, the classic herringbone and chevron parquet layouts never get out of trend. These designs add a luxurious touch to both modern and rustic style homes, bringing both the old-world elegance and character.

These floorings let you get creative with your spaces and help add a unique visual interest with their elegant cuts and patterns. Whatever layout you choose, make sure you choose a flooring stain that matches the interior of your home.


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