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What Can You Do to Extend the Life of Your Timber Floor?

Timber floors are beautiful and functional. They have many benefits including being environmentally friendly and providing value for money. They are low allergy and easy to care for. When it comes to your timber floors there are some steps you can take to make them last. Here’s how.

Take Special Care When Your Floor is Newly Finished

If your floor is newly installed or polished, you need to take special care in the first few weeks. Don’t use rugs until the floor finish has fully hardened. Avoid rugs with rubber backings. Use protection pads on furniture placed on the floor during these weeks and be careful not to mark the floor if you are moving furniture. Never drag furniture across the floor.

Use Quality Cleaning Products

As timber floors have grown in popularity the products available to clean them have increased too. Use a neutral PH wood floor cleaner or ask your supplier for their recommended products. We do not recommend steam cleaning timber floors –  it can cause the surfaces to discolour and peel. When using a new product run a test on a small area of the floor before you clean the entire surface.

Regularly Clean Your Floor

How often you clean your floors depends on many factors such as foot traffic, the weather, the amount of dirt and grit outside your home or office, whether you have pets and more. Cleaning once every week or two is generally recommended. We advise that you use an antistatic mop. Sweep or vacuum the floor first. If vacuuming regularly, inspect the vacuum cleaner brushes to make sure that they are not worn thin. It is best to use soft head vacuum cleaners so that the floor is not scratched.

Use Professional Floor Polishing and Sanders

Enlist the help of professionals to maintain your floor with a yearly clean and polish. Sanding needs doing approximately every 10 to 15 years to give your floors a fresh new look. Floor sanders and polishers can also stain your floor to give it a complete revamp without the need to replace the flooring.


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