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Why Businesses Choose Timber Floors

Timber floors are easier to clean, simpler to maintain than carpet, and look fantastic. Many businesses choose timber floors for their classic look and timeless appeal. Timber flooring can create a modern feel to any office or building. There is little to be done to keep them looking fresh and they can be the highlight of your office space.

Retail stores, showrooms, and office spaces are great locations for timber flooring. They bring you an aesthetic look that will enhance any space.

Fresh sanding and polishing will keep your floors looking their best – this is always best done by a professional!

Abacus has been in the professional timber flooring industry since 1992 which means that we presently have more 28 years of experience in the business. With over 40,000 satisfied customers throughout Sydney and Northern Beaches, our expert staff will help you choose the best flooring for your business and keep it looking fantastic.

Benefits of Timber Floors

Aesthetically Pleasing

Timber floors add style and a modern look to any office space, cafe, restaurants or any business with a visiting customer base. They give a sophisticated, high quality appearance to any space.
Inexpensive to Maintain

Abacus Flooring offer high quality sanding treatments which help remove scratches and improve the look of your floors. When maintenance is done regularly your floor will keep a fresh as new look for longer. Our floor polishers in Sydney have years of experience and will keep your floors in tip top shape for the life of your building.

Change the Look Easily with Stains

If you want a new look for your flooring, you can simply stain the flooring to a different colour and it will give your workplace a fresh new appearance. There are a variety of stains available with everything from pale shades of browns to lime green to black. There are many great types of flooring available. Whatever style you are looking for there is something to suit.


There is less build up of germs, grime and dirt in hardwood flooring that there is with carpets. Floors are simply more hygienic – mould and mildew doesn’t form. Your flooring will look great and is a lot simpler to clean thoroughly than carpets. There is not a lot of dirt, dust and debris collected on timber flooring. Timber floors are super easy to clean – simply vacuum, mop, and keep the floor dry.


Timber floors last. When you purchase high quality flooring the floors will last as long as your building does. Timber floors are extremely durable and robust and are ideal for areas that have a lot of traffic such as offices, showrooms, and receptions areas. Wood floors have a classic, timeless, and ageless appeal.

Added Value

Having timber flooring installed adds instant value to your building. You reap a good return on investment whether selling or refinancing. Renovations get rid of scratches to the floor and damages costs much less than when repairing other types of flooring. For timeless beauty the look is aesthetically pleasing.

Better Acoustics

Timber flooring when properly installed will never give you a hollow sound or vibration.

Healthy Air Quality

Having timber flooring makes for good quality air indoors. There are no grout lines, fibres or embossing that can track pollen, particles, dust, and allergens. Timber floors are ideal for those with allergies and can even help with preventing colds and flues.

See our gallery for photographs of some fabulous projects completed by our floor polishers in Sydney. For an obligation free consultation, contact us today.

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