Commercial timber floor sanding and polishing

Why Choose Hardwood Floors For Office Spaces?

Compared to residential spaces, commercial spaces can get dirty easily due to heavy foot traffic and can attract serious damage to the flooring. For this reason, it’s important to consider the type of flooring you’re going to install in your workspace.

Whether you are renovating an existing office or designing your new commercial space, you can always rely on hardwood floors over carpeted flooring. Not only do these hardwood floors look good, but they help to maintain the air quality as well. Furthermore, professional timber floor polishing can help retain the natural look of hardwood floors over time.

Hardwood Floor vs Carpets

Whenever considering a flooring option for your commercial space, you will have two primary options – timber flooring or carpet. Your decision will have a huge impact on your office’s appearance for the coming years, therefore, take your time in choosing an option.

If you want durability, easy-maintenance, and longevity, is it advisable to go with hardwood flooring. Carpeted floors can appear immaculate when they are first laid, but they tend to fade and discolour as time goes on. Dust and debris accumulating over carpeted floors can be easily visible and they require daily vacuuming. This can be disruptive to the business environment. Regular steam cleaning will also be required to remove dirt, odours and allergens, as well as to keep the carpets looking their best.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring is extremely convenient for offices and businesses. Timber flooring is easier to keep clean and more hypoallergenic as it doesn’t accumulate dust like carpets.

Best of all, if you think that the shine of the flooring is reducing you can invest in timber floor sanding and floor polishing in Sydney from Abacus Flooring. This will ensure the hardwood floor remains smooth, clean and looking its best. Sanding and Polishing the hardwood floor ensures it maintains its natural look and brings the floors back to their original beauty.

Benefits of hardwood floor for office

Installing hardwood floors in your office can create many benefits for business owners. Some of the most prominent ones include the following:

  1. Easy to Clean

One of the prominent benefits of installing hardwood floors in your office is that they are easy to clean. Unlike carpeted flooring, the hardwood floors do not build up with dirt and debris. You can easily sweep the hardwood floor and not rely on rigorous daily vacuuming like you do with carpeted flooring.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Unlike carpeted floors, hardwood floors are very convenient and easily maintained. You will need to do timber floor sanding and polishing occasionally to retain the timber floor’s original look.

  1. Strength and Durability

Hardwood floors are popular for their strength and durability. They are built well and can be easily installed and manufactured. If the timber flooring is well maintained, it can last for a long time which makes it a great investment. If your office space receives high traffic, you will need a flooring option that can withstand the load. Hence, hardwood floors can suit the need as they are tough and can last for a long-time despite heavy foot traffic.

  1. Variety

Hardwood floors are available in various stains, colours and styles. The price, too, varies depending on the variety of hardwood you choose. Moreover, you also get the option to choose from prefinished and unfinished floor types. No matter what type you need, there’s always an option to suit any office space and décor.

  1. Suits All Décor

Hardwood floors provide a natural and rich look which can create a very professional atmosphere in your office. No matter what kind of décor you have in the office, hardwood floors go perfectly with any look you are trying to achieve.

  1. Healthy Indoor Air Quality

The type of flooring you choose will have a huge impact on indoor air quality. The dirt and debris collecting on the carpet can make the air quality poor. Hardwood floors do not contain fibres. Hence, there’s a lesser risk of dust accumulation. Hardwood floor is the best choice if you want to maintain indoor air quality, thereby keeping away allergens.