Sanding and Polishing

Why have Abacus Flooring and Pittwater Eco joined together?

Abacus Flooring have been operating in North Sydney for over thirty years. In March 2022 Abacus was bought by Tatton Holdings Pty Ltd as a way into the residential housing market and service industry in Sydney.

Since that time, Abacus has undergone a brand refresh, a new website and introduced Prime Ecosystem software for managing the operation.

At the heart of every service business is the client experience and Abacus strive to live by the values of Leadership, Quality, Care and Responsive.

In March 2024, Tatton Holdings Pty Ltd acquired Pittwater Eco Flooring to expand the floor service offering and bring on employed staff that have helped grow the business over the last 6 years.

The owner of Abacus says…

‘I see the addition of Pittwater Eco as an important step in driving the next level of client experience. The wider service offering and employed staff will mean we can provide a more personal approach to those we work for while building the core business of sanding and refinishing. Bringing these two unique businesses together will open exciting opportunities in the future’.

The former owner of Pittwater Eco says…

‘I see the joining of Pittwater Eco and Abacus as a positive step and a way to expand floor services across Sydney. Both companies are well established and have a track record of servicing their clients at a high level. I wish the new partnership all the best for the future, and I’m sure it will continue to grow and provide excellent service to the Sydney market for many years to come…’

With this recent partnership, clients from both entities will have access to a range of drying equipment to manage moisture and other water damage in their home. Only a relatively new offering from Pittwater Eco, this service will be available soon.

Thank you to all the loyal clients that have used Abacus/Pittwater Eco in the past. Be assured out vision ‘to be Sydney’s premium floor finishing service’ is as strong as ever.