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Advantages of Having Your Timber Floor Polished

Home styling trends goes in and out of fashion and this includes your floor coverings. Wooden floorboards, however, are always in style. They are classic, environmentally sound, comfortable to walk on and look great.

Whether you are installing a new timber floor, or want to keep your existing floorboards looking great, having your timber floor polishing done regularly will keep it looking fantastic. Having your timber floor professionally sanded and polished means that:

There is Minimum Upkeep

Your timber flooring will be a breeze to keep clean. The floors can easily be swept and mopped and unlike carpet, pet hair, dust and dirt are easily picked up. Having floor sanding and polishing done gives you an aesthetic base that just needs a quick weekly clean to keep them looking great.

You Can Customise the Floor to Suit Your Taste and Style

After your timber floor is professionally polished, you can have it stained and coloured to a shade that you absolutely love. Keep it neutral and natural, or choose one of the many gorgeous hues available. They bring out the qualities in the wood. Choose whatever matches your décor and your taste and style.

You Can Keep Allergies at Bay

Having polished timber floors means that cleaning is simple and dust, dust mites, and allergens are easily and quickly removed. Timber floors are ideal for those that suffer from hay fever and other allergies.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is one of the most natural products on earth and as such is incredibly eco-friendly. You are helping the local and wider environment when you choose to get floor sanding and polishing done on your timber floors for your home or workplace.


For more information on timber floor polishing and sanding contact us. Our friendly team would be happy to help. We service Sydney and surrounding areas.

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