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All You Need To Know About Timber Flooring and Sanding

There’s a lot that goes into the process of timber floor sanding and that’s why it’s highly important to leave this delicate job to the experts! Here’s all you need to know about how your timber floor sanding professional will perform the expert task of sanding your timber floors.

Prepping the Floors

Your professional timber floor sander will first prep your timber floors for sanding. An important element of this procedure is to ensure all the nails currently in the timber floors are hammered in neatly. This is essential so as not to interfere with the timber floor sanding machinery. Once all the nails are flat and even, then the timber floor sanding can begin.

Timber Sanders Used

Three types of sanders are used to get your timber floors even and smooth. The largest of the sanding machinery is used on the larger space to cover the most surface area. This machinery is best operated by a professional timber floor sander as it requires an expert element of operation to ensure that the floors are even and that no scratches occur. There are two other sanding machines used to get into the edging and to ensure that corners are covered.

Getting an Even Look

Your timber floor sanding professional will need to use the large sanding machinery in an even flow. This means that as they move the machinery across the floors that they travel at the same speed to ensure the timber floors are sanded evenly. The floors must also be sanded in the same direction so that your timber floor sanding expert is going back and forth in even lines.

Leave it to the Experts!

As you can see, there are a lot of delicate aspects and rules that must be followed when it comes to timber floor sanding and for that reason it is essential to employ the skills and expertise of an experienced and dedicated timber floor sander. If you’re located in Sydney or the Northern Beaches then Abacus Flooring are your go to experts in timber floor sanding!

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