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Give your floors a new glossy look this New Year by getting floor polished!

It’s a New Year and it’s time to revitalise your home! One of the best ways you can do this is with a brand new timber floor polish. Not only does this refresh the look of your home but it creates a modern look which is just perfect for 2019!

Get a Fresh Look

So, it’s a new year and you want to bring your home into 2019. But how do you do it? The best way to achieve this is by giving your tired and worn timber floors a whole new look! A timber floor polish revitalises old timber floors and it gives a fresh new look and feel to any room in your home. In fact, it can rejuvenate your entire home.

Feel Great About Your Home

A fresh timber floor polish will not only invigorate your timber floors, it will also make you feel amazing about the home you live in. Pristine timber floor finishes will change the way you look at your home. It changes how your furniture looks and allows your rugs to really pop. You’ll love coming home and spending time on your beautifully polished timber floors every day!

Add Value to Your Home

Looking to resell in 2019? Getting a timber floor polish from an expert in the field will increase the value of your home and will delight potential buyers viewing your home. Even if you’re not thinking of selling, increasing the value of your home is a great investment and it will pay off when you bring those timber floors to life with a perfectly finished polish.

How to Get the Look

Abacus Flooring operate throughout Sydney and the Northern Beaches and they have 27 years of experience in the business – so, they know what they are doing! They also have a great selection of timber floor finishes and stains that will ensure your home is ready for 2019!

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