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Benefits of Sealing Timber Floors

If you have timber flooring installed, you will understand the need to have it properly sealed. When you have wooden floors, sealing the timber will see that you need to undertake much less maintenance in the long run.

Floor sealing will prevent warping in the floorboards, prevent rotting, and help to stop cracks from forming.

Benefits of Timber Floor Sealants

Benefits of having floorboards professionally sealed include:
• Prevention from splitting
• Enhances the natural beauty of timber flooring
• Damaged areas of the floor become easy to spot-repair or patch up
• Some types of sealant will increase the wear resistance of the floorboards
• Prevention from moisture damage
• Stain resistance is boosted
• Time and money you need to spend maintaining and cleaning your flooring is reduced

Sealants should always be provided and applied by the experts. Attempting to the seal the floors yourself means that the floors will not be professionally prepared, and the effects will not last as long.

Timber floor sanding and polishing is generally recommended before sealants are applied. Abacus Flooring can provide flooring advice and recommendations on a range of sealants, glosses and coatings for your timber floors.

Types of Sealants

If you are opting for timber flooring, be aware that these types of floorboards need the utmost consideration when it comes to the type of sealant and protector you are investing in. Your choice will depend on the type of timber you have, your taste and style, and the look that you are wanting to create for your home or workplace.

There are many types of floor finishes to choose from.

Water Based Polyurethane

This floor finish is quick drying. As it uses a water based solved rather than petroleum the sealants are environmentally friendly and are healthier option for those living or working in the property.

Solvent Based Polyurethane

This sealant type provides the highest gloss for those that want to achieve a lustrous sheen. These solvents are fantastic for their durability and protective qualities and will last for many years.

Modified Oils

Modified oils are applied in two coats – there is no need to purchase an extra sealant product. These oils add strength to your timber floorboards. This sealant allows for movement in the timber and can take a reasonable amount of resistance. The splitting of boards and edge bonding are prevented when this type of sealant is applied.

Floor Stains

Quality stains will soak into the pores of your floorboards and harden to form a protective seal. There are many different colours of floors stains and these can be customised to suit your needs. Abacus Flooring has stains available in every imaginable hue.

Give your Home or Workplace a Fresh Modern Look with New or Revamped Timber Flooring

Are you looking to upgrade your flooring with new timber floorboards? Or to revamp your existing timber floors? Abacus Flooring can help with timber floor sanding and polishing as well as staining and sealing in Sydney regions.

Protect Your Investment

The floor area is a major part of your home’s structure, so whether you are installing beautiful new flooring or are creating a new look with your existing floors, it pays to protect your investment. By having sealant professionally applied to your timber floorboards, you can be sure that they will be more durable, will look modern and aesthetic for longer, and will be easier to spot repair if and when necessary.

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