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Protecting Timber Floor Against Furniture Weight

Purchasing furniture for your home for most people is a daunting and difficult process. There’s your own personal likes, the style of the home, cost and now we are adding to your list – what is the potential to damage your flooring? How heavy or light is the piece, what material is it made of, does it have a wide base or narrow, how can you best protect your floors to maximize the longevity and increase time between sanding and polishing jobs.

There are ways through which you can protect the timber floor against weight and other damages.

Apply felt pads

One of the best ways to protect your timber floor is by applying the felt pads. The felt protective pads act as shields to provide damage to the timber floors. You can put these under the furniture feet to offer extreme protection.

The feet of your furniture can break if extreme pressure is applied to it. It may also be prone to scratches which will destroy not only the furniture but also the floor. Whenever moving large furniture, you should work on applying felt pads. These felt pads are a great way to safeguard the floor and furniture.

However, if you’re thinking of applying the lounge chairs, you need to be careful with it. Instead, you might want to choose the rubber pads. These rubber pads can eventually create cushion effects that can eventually create a grip on the flooring and protect against different damages.

Can heavy furniture damage wooden flooring?

Yes, it can. Heavy furniture can easily damage wooden flooring, as timber is a natural product – when under extreme weight it can dent or sink. This can begin from day one if you do not protect your floors.

When moving larger or heavy items such as refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines prepare yourself. To avoid damage, take care to use rubber mats and carpets.

How to protect against disaster?

If you want to protect your timber floor against disaster, you need to adopt measures. Some of the common ways to preserve the timber floor and retain its shine include the following:

  1. Sweep and vacuum frequently

One of the most common ways to protect your timber floor is to sweep and vacuum it frequently. It would help if you often observed dust and dirt that can be major killers for your dream floor.

  1. Keep mats at the entry point

It would help if you kept mats at the entry point. It is necessary to keep spiky and vertical prongs to prevent dust and dirt.

  1. Reseal the deep scratches

It would help if you prevented the scratches from turning nasty. Hence, it is essential to act and reseal the scratches. These scratches can eventually turn out to be dirty for your floor.

How to protect wooden floors from weight?

You must focus on maintaining the aesthetics of wooden flooring. Here are some tips that might be helpful

  1. Maintenance

It would help if you cleaned and properly maintained the strength of wooden flooring. You can place a non-rubber floor mat to the entryways.

  1. Protection

If you want to protect your floor from excessive weight, you need to place cork pads. Felt padding can be extremely beneficial for sofas and large tables.

Maintaining a beautiful floor is no tough easy task. Simple measures like properly cleaning your floors on a regular basis and utilise tools like rubber mats when shifting furniture and appliances. Contact the professionals at Abacus Flooring for all your timber floor sanding and polishing needs on (02) 8425 8999.