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Choosing the Right Floor Polish For Your Timber Floors

Timber floors need floor polish to look their best and protect them. It gives them the glow up they deserve. So, if your wooden floors look lifeless and old, it’s time to timber floor polishing.

What Is Timber Floor Polish?

Timber floor polish or finish is a protective coat applied after floor sanding to add sheen and lustre to timber floorboards. It adds shine and creates a crisp look by smoothing out the surface and making the scratches less visible. Moreover, wooden floor polishing and finishing is an essential step after floorboard sanding.

Wooden floor polish and finishes form a protective layer between the floorboards and the dirt and help protect the gorgeous wooden floors beneath from dust, dirt, moisture and wear and tear.

How do you choose the right floor polish for your timber floors? It depends on your needs and the look you are trying to achieve. Make sure you know the different types of timber floor polish and the kind of look each gives to help you choose the right one for your home or office.

Types of Timber Floor Polish

There are three main types of timber floor polishes. They are gloss, satin, and matte finish. Below is everything you need to know about the polishes to help you make an informed decision.


Gloss is an extremely popular finish that most commercial spaces like malls, gyms, schools, and corporate offices prefer. It adds a stylish and luxurious look by reflecting all the light it receives, giving that sparkling and gleaming effect.

If your house has poor natural lighting, then gloss finishes are an excellent choice. They not only add more light but can make even a smaller room look bigger. Gloss finishes come in two options: high gloss and semi-gloss finishes to help you choose between the level of gloss and shine you like for your timber floors. Regular cleaning helps maintain the shine and keeps the floor looking brand new for many years. It can be high maintenance but worth the work and price you pay.


Satin is a middle finish between gloss and matte. It gives timber floors a natural look with a gentle sheen. Meaning satin is not as shiny as a gloss but has more lustre than matte that offers a classy and timeless look to your timber floors. Satin has become the number one choice of flooring finish for homeowners in Sydney.

In terms of maintenance, satin floors do not require as much maintenance as gloss. With little maintenance and cleaning, satin floor finishes look stylish and reflect a gentle sheen, adding a modern look to your home or office. So satin finish can be your ideal choice of timber floor polish if you can’t decide between gloss and matte.


Matte is yet another popular finish that gives timber floors a more subtle and beautiful rustic look. It is the most hard-wearing floor polish among gloss and satin and is the easiest to maintain flooring. Matte finish is an ideal option if you have kids and pets. Also, the perfect opinion if you like the basic minimal looks.

A matte finish also hides away light scratches and imperfections on the floor due to wear and tear and other damages, keeping the floors look in good shape for many years. Though they do not require as much maintenance, floor sanding and polishing at regular intervals will enhance the life of your pristine timber floors.

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