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Renovating Your Business Premises? Why You Should Install Timber Floors

Timber floors have always been the number one choice among business owners in Sydney for their timeless looks and values. They make a foundation for a perfect working space that is impressive and comfortable.

Are you renovating your business premises? Here are some of the reasons why you should install timber floors.

A value Investment

Hardwood floors are a value for money and long-term investment for your business. They are durable and easy to install and maintain. With a tremendous variety of hardwood flooring options available today, you will find a suitable timber floor and finish that matches your budget and taste. In addition, you can refinish timber floors by floor sanding and polishing every 10 to 15 years.

Floor sanding and polishing will help remove damage and keep the floors looking brand new for many years. That’s why timber floors are a solid investment for your business.


Timber floors are the most beautiful looking floorings ever. Whatever your preferences are, timber floors can yield to it. They can resonate with both the classical look and modern, stylish looks. You can also finish them with stunning stains and polishes for a glossy or matte finish.

Some of the most common timber flooring options for businesses are:

  1. Blackbutt: Excellent choice for commercial buildings as it is less flammable and perfect for staining.
  2. Rose Gum: Medium durability floors with colours ranging from pink to reddish-brown undertones that offer a pleasing look.
  3. Spotted Gum: It offers a high degree of durability. It also comes in different shades of brown with polygonal patterns.
  4. Jarrah: It is a durable and premium hardwood. It has unique grain features with gorgeous dark red hues.
  5. Ironbark: A high-quality hardwood timber with colours ranging from grey to dark reds and pale browns.


A well-maintained, high-quality solid timber flooring is extremely durable and will last for many years. When you compare timber floors to carpets, the latter needs replacement every few years, probably every 5 to 10 years. It’s because carpets easily look shabby and worn out due to staining and daily wear and tear.

On the other hand, timber floors last for many decades in good shape. Though wear and tears are unavoidable, timber floors are easy to renew with professional floorboard sanding and polishing techniques. Moreover, you can also do floor staining to give your timber floors a brand new look.

Healthy Floorings

Timber floors are the healthiest flooring choice for businesses. It’s because timber floors do not attract dust, dirt, allergens, and mites as carpets do. Regular cleaning will completely keep the dust and allergens away. You and your employees have the assurance of a healthy working atmosphere that gives you the least chance of falling sick.

Modern water-based finishes emit less volatile compounds (VOCs) than other floorings. Timber floors are the safest and healthiest flooring choice for businesses.

Eco-friendly Floorings

Most of the native Australian hardwoods are environmentally friendly flooring solutions as they take into account the carbon footprint, sustainability and recyclability of timbers. They are FSC certified that help reduce the carbon footprint and make sustainable timber flooring.

The timber industry in Australia ensures the natural environment is safe. It actively participates in wildlife conservation and reforestation programs that reduce climatic change and overall carbon footprint.

Easy To Maintain

Timber floors are easy to maintain floors that are perfect for businesses. They just need regular sweeping and mopping to stay in their best condition.

Even if they look dull after a few years, floor sanding and polishing can bring their original lustre effortlessly. Moreover, you can avoid costly floor renovations if you have your timber floors professionally cleaned and checked every once a year.

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