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How To Care For Your Timber Floorboards

Caring for your wooden floors is easy if you follow some tips and tricks. It helps you keep your wooden floors looking stunning and new for years to come.

Tips To Care For Your Timber Floorboards

After you have had a professional floor sanding and polish, make sure you follow these tips to protect and maintain their finish.

1. Add Rugs

Using rugs is the easiest way to maintain and protect wooden floors. Adding complementing rugs in heavy traffic areas like the kitchen, hallways, and living room will keep the newly polished and sanded wooden floors looking in great shape for many years.

Heavy furniture and furniture dragging across your floors can cause scratches and remove the shine quickly. You can avoid that by adding rugs under heavy and high-use furniture. You can also add furniture pads. If you have pets, use large area rugs in the lounge room to keep your wooden floors free from pet stains and scratches.

Though nobody would love to cover the beauty of wooden floors, know that the combination of gorgeous wooden floors and pretty rugs adds perfect harmony to any space. You get the double benefit of protecting your timber floors as well as maintaining the aesthetics of your home.

2. Use Mats

It is also highly recommended to add mats at all entry points to keep the dust, grime and dirt from your shoes wearing your timber floors out. Shoes carry a lot of grit and dirt that is not gentle on the wooden floor finish as they can remove the floor finish quickly.

Wiping your shoes before you enter your house will keep the wooden floors safe from regular wear and tear over time. Also, encourage your visitors to follow the same. Don’t forget to add mats at the front door to maintain the polished wooden floors.

3. Avoid Shoes

When it comes to shoes, high heels bring more damage to wooden floors than you think. No doubt wooden floors are durable—but high heels do not make it easy for them. As pointed heels carry the whole weight at their tips, they can make marks or dents on the wooden floors.

4. Do Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the look of your wooden floors. While sanding and polishing floorboards will give them a gorgeous finish— maintaining that look depends on how well you keep your floors clean.

Sweep and dust daily if you can or at least twice a week. If you have pets, make sure you clean your wooden floors daily to remove the fur and dander they shed. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with specific wooden floor-friendly attachments that do not scratch them. It helps remove even the tiniest of dirt trapped in the cracks.

5. Mop If Needed

No room or flooring can escape from the dust and dirt settling in. When dust accumulates, it makes wooden floors look faded. They can also get into the small gaps or cracks of timber floors and look unsightly. Always make sure you clean the floors regularly.

Lightly mopping your floors with wooden floor safe products recommended by your timber floor sanding and polishing professionals also keeps your wooden floors clean and fresh. However, ensure you wring the mop almost dry to avoid water from damaging the floor.

Need Professional Care?

Make sure you follow these tips to maintain the look and finish of your wooden floors. However, if your wooden floors look tired and worn out, it’s time for professional floor sanding and polishing to boost their look. So contact our expert team at Abacus Flooring for superior hardwood floor sanding and polishing services in Sydney.