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How Frequently Should You Sand Your Wooden Floor?

Wooden floorboards add warmth and charm to any home. Like all things related to the home, wooden floors need ongoing care and regular upkeep to keep them looking great for the long term. We recommend having your wooden floor sanded every 10 to 15 years for best results.

The team at Abacus Flooring will professionally treat and sand your timber floor to enhance the look of the timber. This not only keeps it looking great, but it becomes easier to clean, and it is more resistant to marking and scratching.

A Professional Finish

When your floors are polished by expert floor sanders, they have a professional shine and finish that keeps them looking new and clean. We use the best equipment and products and our team are highly trained and knowledgeable in floor sanding and polishing techniques. Your timber floor will offset your home or workplace once it has been sanded.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

Clean your floors regularly with a broom and mop them to keep them looking good. Use cleaning products that are specially formulated for timber floors. Also have your floors cleaned by professional floor sanders annually for best results.

Wooden Floors Are Durable

Wooden floors are durable and sanding them regularly will extend their lifespan and their look.

Wooden floorboards, unlike carpet, can maintain that new look and feel for years. Having your floor polishing and sanding done every 10 years of so mean that they get back that new look again. If your floor has heavy traffic or has become damaged or stained it may need to be sanded more often.


Having your wooden floorboards sanded means that they look fresh and new again for longer. When properly maintained floorboards will always give a warm, aesthetic look to your home. Contact us for a quote on floor sanding and polishing in Sydney regions today.

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