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How to Prepare For a Professional Floor Sanding & Polishing

If you’ve decided to have a floor sanding and polishing then you might be wanting to know what you need to do to prepare your home or office for the sanders and polishers to come in to do their work.

Here’s a guide to give you some tips for how to prepare and what you should do while the work is being carried out.

Building & Renovating

If you’re building or renovating your home then it becomes very important that you get the timing right for when you have your floors sanded and polished in Sydney.

You probably have electrical, plumbing and carpentry trades completing a host of tasks and updates to your home. It is recommended that you wait until all these trades have completed their work before you go ahead with having your floor sanding and polishing completed.

This will ensure the dust and traffic that comes through when these trades are being completed doesn’t destroy the newly sanded and polished floors and ensures you get the best end result possible.

Painting Your Walls

If you’re making over the entire room or space and you have plans for a fresh coat of paint, then it is a good idea to complete the painting on your walls and your roofs before you have your timber floors sanded and polished to ensure that no paint drips or drops on the freshly finished surface.

When it comes to skirting boards, it’s a good idea to get the first coat down but the final coat could be left until after the floors are completely dry if required. Even if you paint beforehand, it’s a good idea to make sure you have drop sheets over your floors as paint drops create a bigger challenge when trying to sand and polish timber flooring.

Cover Your Windows

If it’s the warmer months in Sydney, North Shore and Northern Beaches then no doubt there’s a lot of heat coming through from your windows.

To get the best results when the floor polish finish is drying, it can be a good idea to cover your windows to keep out the extra heat that can come through from the glass.

Keep Pets Out

If the floor sanders and polishers are working on your floors in your home then it’s a good idea to ensure that your cats and dogs are kept outside from the house and can’t get inside.

This ensures that they don’t run through the area when the professionals are working which could cause a risk to them with the machinery and that they don’t run over your newly polished floorboards and leave paw prints on those beautifully finished floors.

Cover Furnishings

If you have furnishings that are not moveable and must remain in the room or the vicinity of the room while the floors are being sanded and polished, then it is important to ensure that these are fully covered before you have your floor sander or polisher come through to complete their work.

Drop sheets or plastic tarps secured with tape are a great way to make sure that fixed furnishings are protected whilst the work is being carried out.

Laying Carpets

Sometimes people will choose to have their timber floors sanded and polished even if they’ve chosen to go with carpets in their home or office. This might be because you want the option for sanded and polished timber floors for any future occupants or if you change your mind down the track.

If that’s the case, make sure that you follow the guidelines of your floor sander and polisher to ensure sufficient drying time before the carpets are laid.

Floor Polishing & Sanding Sydney

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