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Tips & Tricks to Restoring Timber Floors

Over time, timber floor boards can begin to look tired and worn out, the finishes start to fade, and floor stains start to lose their sparkle and shine. You may even have scratches and damage to the floors and you’re looking for ways to restore them to their former glory.

By sanding and polishing timber you can have any floors looking as new again. A floor sanding smooths out the surface, restores damaged floors and removes scratches from the surface. Whereas adding a floor stain or finish to your wooden floors after sanding can make the floors pristine and shiny once again.
There are many ways to restore timber floors and here’s how you can act now to repair some of the common issues that occur with wooden flooring.

Removing Scratches & Damage

One of the best ways to restore your floor boards is to have the scratches and any existing damage removed. Scratches and damage are one of the major factors that cause timber floors to look worn and dull. By having these repaired it is one of the simplest ways to restore the appearance of your wooden floors.

To remove scratches and dents, simply contact a professional floor board sanding company to carry out the sanding in your home or office. A professional team will sand back the scratches and damage to reveal a smooth and slick surface that will have those floor boards looking like new again.

Erasing Worn Floors

Over time the finish on floors starts to naturally wear down, the floor will begin to look uneven, dull and lifeless. Timber being a natural product means that areas will organically look worn and general fading will occur over the surface making the finish look unattractive. However, there are ways to bring those floors back to their former glory.

However, if this has occurred over time then you can simply have the floors sanded back so they are perfectly smooth again. Then you can have a new floor stain or finish applied to the wooden floors to rejuvenate and bring those floors back to their original pristine colour and shine.

New Floor Finishes

A fantastic way to restore timber floors to their former glory is to invest in a new floor finish for your wooden floor boards. You have several options when it comes to timber floor finishes that are available to spruce up your timber floors. The main choice is between Satin, Gloss and Matte finishes.

Each comes with their own benefits and each will suit a different style and taste. If you have kids and pets, then a satin or matte finish is a better choice than a gloss because they are more hard wearing and durable. If you want a crisp modern look in your home, then the gloss finish is the perfect addition to create this décor and style in your home.

Floor Staining Sydney

Another way to spruce up a tired old timber floor is to have a new stain colour applied. With Abacus Flooring, we have any colour option available, from the very light stains or lime wash or you can go all the way through to the ever growingly popular black stain.

We’d prefer to have the customer choose the colour after your timber floors have been sanded. This ensures you get the perfect colour that you desire. There will be some variations in how the stain colour will turn out based on the type of wood on your floors but we will do test spots first, so you will know what your floor will turn out looking like.

Call the team at Abacus Flooring on 02 8425 8999 to have your floor boards professionally sanded and polished anywhere across Sydney, North Shore and Northern Beaches. Call today!

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