floor sanding and polishing

Polishing Engineered Timber Floors

There is a fine art to polishing engineered timber floors as they have a different layering composition to standard timber flooring. We highly recommend a professional polish to make sure enough but not too much is sanded away.

If your floor has scratches, stains, sticky or uneven surfaces, Abacus Flooring can have your floors looking stylish, new and fresh again.

Regular Polishing

Routine floor polishing in Sydney is necessary to maintain your engineered timber floors. Flooring loses its sheen over time due to reasons such as frequent moving of furniture, overutilisation of the floorspace, sunlight, pets, kids and general high traffic. All timber flooring will deteriorate over time, however it can last you for many years, even decades with proper care. A regular polish will have your flooring looking good again in no time.

Your Floors Look New Again

Abacus Flooring Professionals can have your timber flooring looking as new. One of the greatest advantages of timber floorboards is that they can be polished and sanded to produce a floor that looks like new. Floorboards can be restored when polished and sanded, even when they have been covered with furniture or rugs for years.
You do not need to replace your floors and the look is one that is stylish and long lasting. There are many different shades of polish to choose from and the look can be classic or ultra modern.

Sanding Timber Floors

Are your floors stained, discoloured, or extra dirty? If so, before you have your floors polished, they should be professionally sanded. Abacus Flooring has professional grade floor sanders and equipment to ensure quality results during this process.

Solid and engineered hardwood floors can be sanded a handful of times during their lifetime. This depends on the thickness of the wood. Ask our team for advice on your particular flooring.

Cleaning Your Floors

After the sanding process, and before polishing, your floors need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust and grime.

The Polishing Process

A minimum of two coats of polish are used, and they are left for two days to harden.

You can usually walk on your floors again in 2-4 days. After this time you can thoroughly enjoy your new floors! Your furniture can go back on your floors after 24 hours but you will need to be extremely careful with this. Rugs can be returned to the floors after 3 days. We do not recommend any rugs that are used for heavy foot traffic or wiping of the feet for 7 days.

Types of Floor Polish

Finishes include:
• Modified Oils
• Solvent Based Polyurethane
• Timber Stain
• Water-Based Polyurethane

We have many types of polish and finishes that will give your flooring a level of class and style that you have always wanted for your home. We have a vast range of finishes and styles to suit the design and décor of any home or workspace. Our finishes are very durable, are water-resistant and require minimum maintenance. You get more time to enjoy your home rather than clean it!

Abacus Flooring proudly service all areas of Sydney, Northern Beaches, Northern Shore, Eastern Sydney, Inner West Sydney, Hills District, Blacktown and Penrith, St George and Sutherland Shire, and South Western Sydney. If you would like a new look for your home or business, contact us for more information on flooring today.

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