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Stained Timber Flooring vs Natural Timber Flooring

Abacus Flooring performs professional timber floor sanding and floor polishing across Sydney and surrounding regions. Putting in new floors or revamping your existing timber flooring can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your home or workplace.

At Abacus Flooring we are often asked whether natural timber flooring or stained timber floors are better. Each has distinct advantages. Here we have listed the benefits of each.

Stained Timber Floors

There are many options for staining timber floors. Choose a modern contemporary look, or a traditional classic look.

We work with you to choose a stain to enhance or darken the existing colour of your wooden floorboards. You can still see the natural structure, grains, features and knots of the wood underneath the stain. The timber simply becomes a different shade than it was prior to staining.

If you are not sure whether you have seen stained floors before, it is possible that you simply didn’t know that the timber had been stained. Staining generally forms an opaque coloured film on the surface of your flooring with a consistent colour.

Factors to consider include the wear and tear that your floor receives, the type of flooring that you have, or are having installed, the amount of light that there is in the room and whether you want the one hue to be consistent throughout your home or business premises.

There are a variety of options with natural tones, shades of grey and limewash being popular. One of the latest looks is a dark brown floor set against contrasting light coloured walls.

At Abacus Flooring, we have a range of floor stains, polishes and finishes that will enhance any home or work environment. Before the timber floors are stained, they are generally sanded and polished. For help and advice on choosing the best stain for you, contact our friendly and experienced team.

When you have your timber flooring stained professionally, your floors will meet a level of style and sophistication that you have previously only imagined.

Stained floors are ideal when:
• the room is bright with lots of natural sunlight or strong lighting
• you want a striking and dramatic effect for the room
• you want to match the colour of the floorboards to that of other rooms in the house.

Natural Timber Floors

Many people are not aware that timber floors do not actually need to be stained at all. Wooded floorboards do need to be protected, however the stain itself does not protect your timber. Floors that are stained need a protective polish added on top of the timber stain.

Natural timber floors need to be sanded back and polished so that they look their best and are protected as much as possible from dirt, grime and wear and tear.

There are many different types of natural timber flooring and all of them have a different look and feel. Some types of timber have a light appearance while others are naturally dark. When choosing floorboards consider the design of your home, the wear and tear your floors receive, and how much maintenance you will need to spend on your flooring over time. Take into account also the up front costs involved for installing or revamping your flooring.

Unstained timber gives a beautiful natural look. The look is naturally lighter and is great for brightening up a room and giving the illusion of space.

Whether you opt for natural timber look or stained timber flooring, always hire flooring professionals. In Sydney both stained and natural flooring is on trend. Some countries are presently only using natural floorboards, or timber flooring that is painted in very light colours, with white being really popular in Sweden.

When choosing, consider how the natural floorboards will look against your wall colouring and décor, and how much light there is in the room.

Natural floorboards are idea where:
• the room is painted in a darker hue
• there are natural floorboards throughout the other areas of the property
• you are looking for a stylish and low key effect for the room.

Both options can give outstanding results. See our gallery for some examples. If you are considering revamping the flooring in your home, contact our team at Abacus Flooring Sydney for a free consultation.

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