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The Best Flooring Options For Investment Properties

When choosing a flooring option for investment properties, we pay a little bit more attention and caution because they are investment properties. It should be appealing, hardwearing, cost-effective, and long-lasting. Above all, it must be easy to maintain and easy to renovate floors. So, the only flooring that ticks all the boxes is none other than timber floors.

Here are some timber flooring tips and options to help you finish your flooring without any hassle.

1. Consider the Location and Size of Your Property

Before you choose timber flooring, think about the location of your property. If your property is in a prime location, such as a city centre – you would probably have tenants who lead a busy life. It means your tenants won’t have much time to clean or maintain the flooring. So, you need to go for finishes that require minimum maintenance.

Similarly, consider the size of your property. Light timber floors are perfect for small properties as it makes them look bigger and brighter. On the other hand, dark timber floors are ideal for large rooms. Based on the location and size, choose timber floors that match the lifestyle of ideal tenants.

2. Consider Your Prospective Tenants

The second tip is to consider the type of tenants that would likely rent – singles, couples, or a big family, depending upon the size of your property. It gives you an idea to determine the level of traffic your floors would experience. Heavy furniture and pets mean your timber floors may experience a lot of wear and tear. If they are a big family with pets, your timber floors need to have highly durable finishes, especially in high traffic areas such as the kitchen and lounge. It also helps you choose between light and dark timber floors. For instance, light timber floors tend to hide minor imperfections and scratches, while dark timber floors don’t fade easily.

Though timber floors are durable, you need to choose hardwearing finishes to maintain the look and life of your investment property. By doing so, your timber floors will have a long life, and it gets easy to do floor sanding and polishing the next time.

3. Keep the Tones Neutral

While there is nothing wrong with going for bold and trendy tones for investment properties, speaking in general terms, bold and bright does not earn everyone’s liking. Some people may not like dark timber floors, as they give rooms a dramatic look and make them look a bit darker and congested. It’s always safe and better to go for basic neutral and lighter tones to make a good appeal to a majority of people. Moreover, timber floors with neutral tones are a fashion that never grows old and looks modern forever.

4. Match Floors With Interior Design

Aesthetics is another crucial factor to consider when choosing timber floors. These days, many people love to rent in properties that have a neat and coordinated interior style. A clean, modern look adds more value to your investment property. That’s why it’s essential to match timber floors with the theme and style of your property’s interior design. For instance, if your interior has modern minimalistic vibes, limewashing is the best option to enhance the look of your timber floors.

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