dark stains and polishing timber floors

Things To Consider When Choosing a Floor Sanding Company

When your flooring no longer looks the way it used to, you know it’s time for a boost up and maintenance. Timber floor sanding is essential to bring new life to your old worn-out flooring. That’s when you start looking for a professional floor sanding company. Finding a reputable flooring company takes a little work from your side because you deserve satisfactory and quality results for the money you pay them.

 Are you Hiring a floor sanding company? To help you get started, here are a few things you should consider when choosing a floor sanding company.


Industry experience is the foremost factor to consider when hiring a floor sanding and polishing company in Sydney. Why should you look for an experienced floor sanding company?

  1. You will get the assurance of quality service, including their products, equipment, sanding method and finish.
  2. They have the skills and knowledge in finishing their job smoothly, flawlessly, and effectively. Most importantly, they know about different types of wood and what kind of products to use on them.
  3. They can assist you in every step – be it choosing a stain or finish. Experienced floor sanders can answer all your doubts and queries regarding your specific timber floor needs.
  4. You get a premium service within your budget. An experienced floor sanding service will suggest the best polishes, finishes, and sealants to help revive your wooden floors within budget.
  5. They will take care of every single thing during the service, giving you peace of mind. In addition, you will get valuable tips and assistance in maintaining your floors after their service.


A good reputation comes with industry experience and quality work. When you are looking for a floor sanding company, make sure to check its reputation online. A well-maintained website can be the first sign to prove that the company is legitimate and highly professional. Then check their portfolio. Check for their finished floor sanding and polishing works. You may be able to find the gallery section on their website, where you can look for the before and after pictures. Also, make sure you check the customer testimonials and ratings on their website or in Google to know what you can expect from them.

Fair Pricing

Fair pricing does not always mean affordability but quality. Double-check if a company offers low prices because chances are they may use low-quality products and machines that can damage your wooden floors. Also, you must pay attention to the quotes they offer. Quotes do say a lot about the quality of their service. The more details they provide, the more transparent they are with their services.

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