Floor lime wash polishing Sydney, North Shore and Northern Beaches

What’s the Purpose of Limewashing Your Timber Floors?

Lighter wooden floors can do no wrong when it comes to adding charm, simplicity, and harmony to your home. Recently, limewashing is becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners in Sydney because of its modern look. It is indeed the easiest and smartest way to add a beachy and dreamy look to your home.

What Is Limewashing?

Limewashing, also called whitewashing, is predominantly a Scandinavian style wooden floor. Limewashing or whitewashing is a technique used many centuries ago to protect wooden flooring. In those days, people used a mixture of calcium hydroxide and chalk for limewashing timber floors. But now, there are a variety of options available in the market to limewash or whitewash a timber floor. There are paints, stains, and bleaches to attain the bleached effect.

Timber flooring professionals may apply two or more layers of lime, depending upon the degree of a whitening effect you desire. Before that, they will sand and polish your timber floors to prepare for limewashing. By doing so, the colour sinks deep into the wooden floorboards. It gives them an airy and natural look, but at the same time, does not hide the original character of the wood. Finally, they will finish with a water-based or oil-based polyurethane coat to protect them from scratches and daily wear.

Why Limewash Timber Floors?

Limewashing enhances the look of timber flooring by highlighting the natural grains, knots, and veins. In addition, it protects the wood and makes them last for a long time.

1. Colour choices

There are many shades to choose from with limewashing as they vary from bright white to creamy and translucent whitish-grey tones. Limewashing is not a single chalky white finish but a whole array of various white shades.

2. Brand New Appearance

Everyone loves a change, especially a change that reflects modern times. Precisely the very reason why many homeowners prefer limewashing their timber floors. It is the best way to style your home without going for expensive makeovers. So, give limewashing a try if you are tired of the regular dark and light stains. We bet nothing will match the bright and airy look that limewashing brings into your flooring. Once you limewash your entire hardwood flooring, you will be surprised with the stylish look it adds to your home.

3. Adds Space to Your Home

Limewashing is an excellent flooring finish for smaller homes as it creates an illusion of more space. It makes your room look bigger and brighter. If you ever think your room looks smaller or congested and want an inexpensive makeover, try limewashing your timber floors. It instantly lightens up the area and gives a feeling of spaciousness like never before. Moreover, it perfectly complements both dark and light furniture or interior decor, bringing an unmatched modern look to your home.

4. Easy To Maintain

You may be familiar with limewashing and its modern look, but did you know that limewashed timber floors are also easy to maintain? They are amongst the easiest to maintain timber floors. They do not show up dust and dirt like the dark timber floors. Regular cleaning and light mopping will keep the flooring looking great for a long time. Besides that, with durable finishes, limewashes can make your timber flooring durable and hard-wearing. Limewashing does not turn your timber floors yellow.

Need Limewashing for Your Hardwood Floors?

Contact Abacus Flooring for a free quote to limewash your timber floors in Sydney. Our limewashing techniques add a sleek and smooth look to your wooden flooring, giving your floorings a complete makeover.