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Timber Floor Sanding & Staining Sydney

Your hardwood flooring needs a little maintenance at regular intervals to protect and preserve its pristine glory. Floor sanding and staining can give your flooring a brand-new appearance. A floor stain not only enhances the look of your timber but also protects your flooring in the long run. Below are some of the finishes for your wooden flooring that can make it highly durable and functional.

Lime Wash

Limewash is an environmentally friendly natural stain that illuminates your hardwood flooring. The finish is bright and matte, with a milky or chalky texture. Limewashed or whitewashed flooring enunciates the rustic and dreamy beach effect. This type of flooring is suitable for dark themed decor, where your flooring can add light and contrast.

Limewash is an excellent choice for rooms or areas where you have poor natural lighting. Depending upon the type and grade of your wooden flooring, this finish can look anywhere from whitish to greyish hue. The stylish looking floors are more breathable and maintain the air quality inside your living area. Limewash not only protects the natural colour and texture of your floorboards but also keeps the grains looking more natural and softer. 

Modern lime washing techniques make your timber floors durable and long-lasting. Any water-based or oil-based polyurethane sealing looks good for years on limewashed flooring. Maintaining these adoring bright white flooring is also easy with regular mopping and sweeping with a soft-bristled dusting brush.


Glossy floorings are pure luxury and the epitome of style. They can light up your home or commercial building. If you have a small living room or bedroom area, then glossy finishes are perfect for you. They not only make your rooms look large but also adds light and sheen. They offer an eye-catching effect adding more value to your home.

This type of floor staining complements and accentuates your subtle light-themed interior. Most modern homeowners prefer a glossy finish because of its vibrancy and durability. Gloss finishes add shimmer to your wooden flooring that lasts for years. You will find that your smooth hardwood flooring is a timeless addition to your home.


The ever-elegant satin hardwood flooring stain has a luxurious appearance. No other finishing can blend with contemporary style and decor as a satin-finished can. If you’re thinking of modernising your home to get a chic appearance, then satin flooring is all you need. Satin finishes offer a picture-perfect home keeping it cosy and stunning. The subtle glossy effect of satin flooring reflects minimum light and has a delicate shine to it. Satin finishes are ideal for all kinds of timber and parquetry flooring, making your home look like a million dollars.

Satin flooring is the best gift you can give yourself because of their easy maintenance and durability. These highly durable finishes can withstand wear and tear for years.

Black Stain

Are you looking forward to giving your flooring a stunning dark makeover? The black stain never disappoints. Dark staining is getting more and more popular for its unique elegance and comfort. Most importantly, black staining accentuates white furnishings and offers a classic modern look. They can be a definite statement element of your house as they look deep and rich. For instance, give your white themed furnishing and decor a black stained flooring, and you will be amazed by its charm and chic look.

Black stains also look absolutely gorgeous on outdoor decking, making them your ideal choice for Summer parties. Black staining your floors does not make grains disappear, but you can choose to do so. In fact, black stains enhance the natural grains of any kind of wooden flooring and add a soft shimmer to them. Black stained timber flooring are highly durable and easy to clean as well.

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