lime wash floor sanding and polishing

Why Choose Lime Wash For Your Floors?

Limewash wooden flooring has become a popular floor polish option for its elegance and charm. They have become the new favourite for many homeowners in and around Sydney. The credit goes to the dreamy and rustic look they offer.

Limewashing is also called liming or whitewashing, as they provide a translucent milky appearance to your timber flooring. Just a single coating can beautify your home or commercial space. They are definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to the traditional timber floorings.

Lime washing your floors can benefit you by drawing minimalistic attention to more dramatic effects. Whether you want to keep it simple or dramatic, it depends on the finish you choose. Your whitewashed floor can look anywhere from pale white to chalky, depending upon the opacity of your finish. The colour palette ranges from pale, creamy, off-white, milky to chalky or greyish tones.

Why Should You Choose Limewashing for Your Floorings?

Liming has ancient roots and was used to protect wooden floors. It is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and chalk. But now, it is used on wooden floorings for achieving a soft-toned or bleached effect. Now limewashes are available in combinational stains for a more natural look.

Although different timber floors react differently to whitewashing, they do not turn your timber floors yellow over time. This happens when you apply an oil-based or solvent-based coating that can have a yellowish hue to it. But water-based polyurethane coatings offer a milky white finish.

Whitewashing your flooring will enhance the beauty of your natural wooden flooring. The beauty of any timber flooring lies in the pattern and texture of its natural grains. It is no doubt that timber floorings look gorgeous in their original form with all the grains, knots and insect markings.

Limewashing your timber floorings can help the natural grains to peep through and shine. They highlight and draw attention to every single detail on your wooden flooring.

Advantages of Limewashing Your Wooden Flooring

While there are plenty of reasons to choosing limewash flooring, there are some advantages that you should know.

Accentuate Your Interiors With Limewash Flooring

Limewashed wooden flooring enhances the beauty of any kind of interior decor. The light creamy finish can accentuate your furnishing details by adding more light. It can dramatically brighten up your living area depending upon the finish you choose. They can go best with rooms that have poor natural lighting.

Additionally, limewashing your flooring can make your rooms look larger and more spacious.

A Flooring for High Foot Traffic Areas

Limewashing your flooring has one of the vital benefits of protecting your flooring from regular wear and tear. Limewashes works well with highly durable water-based polyurethane coatings. They work hand in hand to offer a hard surface finish that withstands maximum wear and tear.

Easy Maintenance

Limewashed floorings are one of the easiest to clean and maintain floorings in the market. You may wonder about how a white looking floor can look neat? But indeed, they are the best flooring that disguises the dust and grime of everyday living. In other words, the dust does not show up as much as compared to other darker wooden floorings. They can remain in their original glory for years if you give them the little care they need. Sweeping or dusting with a soft broom can maintain their lustre for many years.

If you are interested in giving your flooring a whitewash makeover in Sydney, contact Abacus Flooring now for a free quote. Abacus Flooring turned into one of the forerunners of limewashing in Sydney, in early 1990s, so with over 25 years of experience we can certainly help you achieve any desired whitening effect for your worn-out timber floors.