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What Choices are There for Timber Floor Polish?

Timber floors give an sophisticated look to the home and workplace. You can choose a variety of polishes, depending on your taste and what goes with your particular flooring, home and furnishings. All give completely different looks to your Sydney home.

Whether you are planning to build a brand new home, are renovating your home or business premises, or are in construction and working on a new building or renovation, the type of flooring that you choose needs to be given the utmost consideration. If you opt for timber floors, this type of flooring requires that you make an informed decision when it comes to the type of polish that you use. While timber flooring can give a real wow factor, the floors do need some maintenance to keep looking good. Consider the amount of foot traffic that you will have, as well as how much protection you need against dirt, wear and moisture.

What Choices are There for Timber Floor Polish?

The three main types of polish are gloss, satin or matte. When properly applied all will revive the look of your floor and hide scratches and dents. Having the floors sanded by a professional first to get out scratches is highly recommended.


Gloss and semi gloss finishes are very popular when it comes to timber flooring. This creates a glossy shine on your floors which gives you a contemporary look. This type of polish looks amazing, but does require some maintenance.

If you do choose this option and keep up the maintenance in future years your floors will have a constant stylish and modern look that will add value to your home for years to come. Gloss can highlight the detail in the grains of your floorboards and make your floor an impressive feature. It can also show up the scratches, damage, and dirt more easily than other finishes and it can wear in heavy traffic areas.


Satin gives a neutral or mid finish. This look is in vogue and suits a number of decors and styles. It is a great all round polish and gives a modern but classic look to your home or office. This polish is highly popular and still gives you a glossy finish but requires much less maintenance than gloss. It gives you the most natural finish possible and gives a look that is unlikely to date. The dirt and dust shows up less than on gloss polished floors.


If your floors get a lot of wear, a matte finish is idea. For those that have a lot of foot traffic, kids, or pets this is a highly practical option. The matte polish hides minor scratches and dirt and gives a stunning finish. The light is not reflected on a matte finish which is ideal for those who want a subtle look for their flooring, and are looking to keep their floors looking cleaner for longer. Matte floor polishing hides scratches and dirt and is a popular choice for families and workplaces. It gives the most natural finish of all the floor polishes.


Abacus Flooring are experts in floor polishing and can help you to choose and apply your polish, and help with sanding too. Our professional floor polishers have decades of experiences in the trade. Professional floor polishing and sanding will help you create a modern and stylish look for your home or office. Polishing removes imperfections and scratches and smooth out the look of your flooring, adding value to your property.

See our gallery for photographs of some fabulous projects completed by our floor polishers in Sydney. For an obligation free consultation, contact us today.

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