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What’s Involved in Polishing Timber Floors?

How to get the best look for your timber floors whatever your style, taste and budget

Timber floor polishing can make the world of difference to your home. We can help you with a timber floor polish that meets a high level of sophistication and style to suit your décor and design. There is bound to be a pristine floor finish that meets your unique needs, style and taste.

There are a variety of different products and methods that are used for wooden floor polishing.

Whether you are looking for a matte finish or something high gloss there is sure to be something for you at Abacus Flooring Sydney.

Materials Used for Wooden Floor Polishing
When polishing wooden floors there are a number of surface finishes. These include:

Modified Oils

These have a two coat system. When using modified oils you save money that you would normally spend on a sealer. These type of finishes do require regular maintenance, so take this into account when making your choice.

Water-Based Polyurethane

Our most popular option taken by customers. A water based finish is extremely durable and is clear and non-yellowing. It also a mild odour which is non-toxic and are very low in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). In some cases when the wear is not extreme a re-coat is able to be achieved without prior sanding.

Solvent Based Polyurethane

Solvent based polyurethanes are popular because as a durable option however do tend to have a more yellow finish. The product itself is not as low odour emitting and does have a longer dry time.

Staining Timber Floors

For timber floor polishing a stain creates an aesthetically pleasing look for your home. Abacus Flooring can custom design stains to suit your ideal style and taste – and we are happy to help you choose a shade if you need expert advice. Every hue under the sun from lime wash to black is available. Wooden floors are then given a protective coating with polyurethane.

What is the Polishing Process?

Many people ask us about the process that is undertaken when your floors are professionally polished. Polishing simply gives you a new shine and glossy appearance to your wooden floor.

The polishing process is the processing of sanding the floorboards to smooth them out and then applying wax or polish over the top. Usually, two coats are applied, and one of these coats is often a sealant.

Different Ways to Polish Wooden Floors

There are two products to use when organising timber floor polishing.

1. Polyurethane

This comes in semi-gloss and gloss finished as well as matt and satin. There are many options to choose from!

2. Wax Finish

Waxing timber floorboards helps protect them from marks, nicks, scratches and spill stains. They add a shine to your floors which can give a super clean and bright appearance. There are liquid waxes that are relatively easy to apply, and solid paste waxes which last longer and provide a more in-depth shine. These take longer to apply than liquids. Ask us about what is best for you.

A professional floor finish is both functional and aesthetic. Selecting the right polish and shade for your home or office is important and Abacus Flooring can advise you on the best finish. Having your wooden floors polished means that cleaning is easy, and dust, dust mites and other allergens are fast and simple to remove.

The team at Abacus Flooring Sydney has an extensive amount of experience in flooring and pride ourselves on our product knowledge, customer service and attention to detail. Contact us for information, advice and pricing on your wood floor polishing project.

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