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Which Is Better: Dark, Light or Natural Timber Floors

Timber floors are such a wonderful addition to any home. They are not only elegant but also add a timeless value to your home. You may have chosen your favourite timber species but you have to choose the right colour to make the perfect timber flooring. Choosing the right hue between dark and light, or choosing to stay natural, decides the overall look of your home.

Each flooring has its own perks as well as a few downsides.  So, let’s take a quick look at each flooring colour.

Dark Timber Floors

Dark timber floors never go out of fashion. They remain a classic and traditional choice for many homeowners because of their mesmerising elegance.


  • They go perfectly hand in hand with a lot of interior design and style
  • Highlights the natural grains better
  • Hides dirt and flooring imperfections as gaps
  • They don’t fade easily


  • They show up scratches and pet hairs
  • Gives a small and dark impression of a room.

Light Timber Floors

Light timber floors are the epitome of contemporary style flooring. Many homeowners prefer light colour because of the airy feeling it gives. Natural, blond, grey, whitewashed and beige are some of the lighter colour palettes.


  • Brightens and makes the room appear bigger and spacious
  • Hides dust and light-coloured pet hairs
  • Keeps it subtle and less dramatic
  • Easy to clean


  • Shows wear and tears easily in high foot traffic areas
  • Sometimes reflects more light than you expect
  • May require some maintenance such as floor sanding and polishing to look best in the long run

How To Change a Timber Floor Colour

Timber floor colours can be changed with floorboard staining and polishing without any hassle. However, most homeowners do not realise they can change a dark timber floor to a lighter one and vice versa. It’s even more convenient when you are opting for a floor sanding and polishing service. The stains give a beautiful colour, whereas the varnishes protect your timber flooring.

How To Choose a Timber Floor Colour

Now when it comes to choosing the right timber floor colour, there is no right or wrong way. It totally depends upon your personal preference and choices. However, if you can’t decide between finding the perfect colour to suit your home, then you may want to consider the following features to help you choose the best colour.


Lighting is the first thing you must consider. Most importantly, make sure that you consider artificial lightings as well. If your room or your home gets overall good natural lighting, dark timber floors are ideal. Natural lights further enhance the beauty of dark floors. On the other hand, go for lighter hues if the lighting is poor. Light timber floors tend to reflect the available light making your rooms brighter and lively.

Interior Decor

If you are building a new home, you must have a clear vision of the look you are trying to achieve. Planning a modern or traditional look can also give you an idea to choose the perfect colour for your timber floors. If you are in the middle of floor sanding and polishing, consider the colour and theme of your interior design, closets and furniture to choose a colour that can complement your interiors.

Size of Your Room

Size matters. If your rooms are small, light timber floors are the best option. They make it look big and airy. Dark timber floors may make your small room look further small, dull, and uninviting.


Finally, you should also consider your lifestyle to choose the right colour for your timber flooring. If you need more information, contact our professionals at Abacus Flooring, as we offer premium floor sanding and staining service in Sydney.