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Matching Dark Timber Stains With Your Furniture

Dark timber floors never go out of trend and hence are a timeless addition to your home. Though they are beautiful and warm and go perfect with any wooden furniture, many homeowners find it hard to match the furniture with dark wooden floors. Following these simple rules and ideas will definitely help you get the look you are trying to achieve.

1. Try the Colour Wheel

Dark timber floors can make the room look smaller. So, you have to pay attention when you do the interiors and furnishings. To find the perfect shades and hues, you may consider using a colour sampler. If you are renovating or moving to a new home and trying to find the perfect dark timber floor stain to match your existing furniture, using colour samples will help. It gives you a clear idea of what shade can create a beautiful contrast, a complementary look, or a refreshingly clean look. You can always hire or contact a professional floor sanding and staining service to help you choose the best colour palette for your home.

Monochromatic Palette

For a cohesive look, you can try a monochromatic palette. It helps you choose the same shades and tones to match your dark timber floor hue to your furniture or vice versa. Sometimes using the same colour all around can be dull, but there is no right or wrong. So, choose a timber stain that suits your home style as well as your taste.

Analogous Colour Scheme

If you are down for some energetic and striking looks, a similar colour scheme can help you. Here, you only have to select a colour as a base colour for your hardwood flooring. Then you will find another two colours which you can make up for your furniture and walls.

Complementary Colour Scheme

A complementary colour scheme keeps things simple and organised without drawing too much attention to the colour itself. It helps create a pleasing balance between your timber stain and furniture, showcasing a striking modern look.

2. Natural Lighting

If your home has a lot of natural lighting, regardless of an open floor layout or any other style, you can boldly go for dark-toned furniture without a second thought. With skylights and huge floor-to-ceiling windows, a dark timber floor with dark furniture and minimal light decors creates a bold statement look.

3. Matching Finishes

You can also match the finish of your timber flooring with your furniture, such as the stains, polish, or grain patterns. It gives a traditional appearance to your home with its natural texture and appeal. For instance, you can pair your dining table, ottoman or a smaller wall decal to your timber flooring stain, leaving the other furnishings in lighter hues. The darker furniture blends in with the floors to create an organic look. To complete this look, you can also add some indoor plants.

4. Light Coloured Furniture

When in doubt, always go for light coloured furniture for dark timber stains. Dark timber floors and light colour furniture can never go wrong. For an impressive look, you can also match the legs of your furniture to match your timber floor stains.

5. Light Walls and Rugs

Dark timber stains are a staple for light walls and rugs. They make your rooms feel fresh, airy, and chic, complementing each other beautifully. White walls, dark timber floors, light-to-dark furniture and patterned rugs are just the thing for every modern home Sydney, North Shore and Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


However, if you are still concerned with matching your furniture and interior design to create a harmonious look, contact our floor polishing and staining experts at Abacus Flooring