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The Benefits Of Timber Flooring In Kitchens

Hardwood timber floors last for a lifetime when you give them the right care, including in your kitchen. Timber floors are one of the best flooring options for your kitchen. Obviously, aesthetics and elegance being the prime reasons, but there are numerous other benefits. Have a look at the top four benefits of having timber floors in your kitchen.


In terms of comfort and convenience, you can never find any other flooring better or equal to timber flooring. To begin with, they feel warm and soft on your feet, compared to tiles and other ceramic flooring options. Since, for many of us, a kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time with family and friends, cooking and socialising, we tend to stand for some long hours. That’s why timber floors are perfect for the kitchen. As they do not trap dust and allergens, they help maintain a safe and hygienic kitchen environment. This is because timber floors are natural flooring that proves to be a healthier flooring option for the kitchen.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning timber floors is effortless. When you give your floors proper care, timber floors are going to last for decades. Moreover, nowadays, there are many durable and high-quality finishes available. They can protect your hardwood flooring from daily wear and tear and repel stains or spills. You can quickly wipe down any kind of spillage without any trace. It only requires you to give special attention when there is heavy water leakage in the kitchen. Nevertheless, any damage to the wooden flooring can be easily fixed by professional floor sanding and polishing. It makes them look new and fresh for many years.

Long Life

A kitchen is a place of lots of humidity, moisture, and temperature changes, so can a wooden floor stand it? Yes, with regular care and maintenance. In fact, timber flooring is the most practical solution for the kitchen as they are tough, durable, and more resilient than any other type of flooring. The high-quality finishes protect the beauty of your natural wooden flooring underneath for several years. Plus, floor sanding and polishing can keep them looking their best for decades and the floorboards can last a lifetime.


Timber floors are natural and renewable. They are one of the only sustainable flooring options that are environment friendly. Also, timber floors are more energy efficient. They consume less energy during production compared to other synthetic floorings. Moreover, the amount of carbon emissions during the production of the timber flooring is far lower than the carbon emitted from other floorings. So, this makes timber flooring an ideal sustainable choice for your kitchens.

Premium Timber Flooring for Your Kitchen

Now that you know why timber floors make the best flooring in your kitchen, you may also wonder what kind of timbers are best suitable for kitchen floors. You have a whole array of Australian timber species to choose from – ranging from brush box, spotted gum to Tasmanian oak and tallowwood.


Having timber floors right at the heart of your home is more than just welcoming and warm, making them perfect for Sydney homes. They are beautiful, comfortable and you can finish them with stains and polishes that are hardwearing.

You can also make them look the way you want and maintain them for a lifetime with the right floor sanding and polishing techniques. So, reach out to our highly professional floorboard sanding and polishing team in Abacus Flooring now. We provide premium floor staining and polishing services in Sydney, North Shore, Sydney’s Northern Beaches and surrounding areas at a competitive price.