dark staining and polishing for timber floors

The Best Colour Hardwood Floors For An Investment Property

Investment properties are rewarding, and if you have the right flooring, they are more rewarding than anything else. If you didn’t know – timber floors are the best flooring options for any investment property for many reasons. They are durable, long-lasting and beautiful. Most importantly, they are the most sought after floors by renters. So, if hardwood flooring is on your mind, you should also consider its colour to impress renters.

Is Timber Flooring Worth It?

Flooring for investment properties must be both stylish and practical. They should also add more value. With timber floors, you have endless possibilities. You can choose the most hard-wearing species like the Australian cypress, maple, or oak, available in various sizes, grades, colours, plank types and finishes. Moreover, timber floors are beneficial to both the tenant and the owner. How if you may ask, take a look at the following reasons:

  1. Timber floors are easy to clean and look absolutely stunning. They do not show dirt like other floorings. Regular sweeping and mopping would keep the house clean, and they do not require high maintenance.
  2. Wooden floors are the healthiest flooring options available to date. They do not trap dust, mould, or pet dander, thus help improve the air quality inside the house.
  3. Timber floors are hard-wearing and durable. Even though they are more likely to get scratches and dents, you can still hide them with scratch-resistant finishes. So, they are kid and pet friendly.
  4. You can refinish hardwood floorboards many times. Also, any minor defect in wooden floors can be repaired with hardwood floor sanding and polishing techniques. You don’t have to go for costly renovations every time a tenant leaves your property.

Hence, having wooden floors in your investment property is worth it in all aspects.

Timber Floor Staining and Polishing

It’s no wonder that flooring has a massive effect on the overall look of the property. If your property has good quality wooden floors installed, you can sand them and polish them with a highly durable finish. But if your flooring needs an extensive makeover, then hardwood floor sanding and staining are the easiest and cost-effective options for investment properties. It gives your flooring a brand new look.

Best Flooring Colours To Choose for an Investment Property

Timber floor staining offers a myriad of colour choices – from lighter to dramatic darker shades. Firstly, let us talk about dark stains. Dark stains are perfect for hiding damages from sun, pet, and water stains. You can go for deep brown or red shades depending upon your preference. Some tenants also prefer intense black colour hardwood flooring for a posh look. If you love dark hardwood stains, finish them with a matte finish. If you go for a high gloss finish with dark floorboard stains, it calls for high maintenance – something that you can’t expect from your tenants. Dark stains also give a deep and bold look, which never goes out of style.

Secondly, let’s talk about the lighter shades. The best thing is they are easy to maintain. They show up comparatively less dirt and scratches than dark timber floors. Sanding and limewashing is also an ideal choice for investment properties to give them a modern look.

Whether you like it light or dark, staining changes only the look of your flooring. What protects and maintains your flooring is the finishes. So, whatever stain you choose, make sure to go for hard-wearing finishes that’ll endure damages for a long time. Some finishes also come with pre-treatment colours to be used with stains for added colour and protection.

Once you have decided to sand and polish your timber floors, contact our friendly team at Abacus Flooring to give your investment added appeal to potential renters.