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Floor Staining Selection Tips For Your Sydney Home

Floor staining is fun. It offers endless possibilities and is the easiest way to give a new look to your wooden floors. However, the real work is choosing the right stain. Below are some tips to help you choose the right timber floor stain for your home.

Know the Type of Your Floor

Stains offer many choices. However, not all hardwood stains are suitable for every type of hardwood flooring. It is crucial to know the species of your timber flooring. For instance, if you choose to go with the same stain you found breath-taking as your friend’s home, you may not get the same look unless both floorboards are of the same species. It’s mainly because different woods have different pore properties.

Wooden species like maple, birch, mahogany, and walnut are hard to stain evenly because of their smaller pore size and uneven pore arrangements. As a result, staining these species will end up showing fewer pigments, with streaks and spots. Also, coniferous species like pine have natural oils that resist stains to get inside the pores.

So, embracing their natural tone and keeping it to a natural finish will give these floors a striking look. On the other hand, staining red and white oaks are easy and will get the finish you want. You also have to be cautious while choosing finishes, as some oil-based finishes can turn the oak floors yellow over time. If that confuses you, hire a professional timber floor sanding and polishing company to help you choose the right stain and finish for your hardwood flooring.

Savy Your Style

Once you understand the nature of your timber flooring, it is also essential that you nail down your style and preferences. It gives you more freedom to choose stains that match your taste. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few things you can ask yourself to understand your style.

  1. What is the current interior style of your home? Would you like to match the new look to the existing style or go for a different one?
  2. What is your favourite look? Do you like the light and airy look or the warm browns, charcoal greys, red mahogany, or ebony?
  3. Would you like to mix and match dark and light wooden floorboards?
  4. What is your preference for natural grains?
  5. Do you fancy a bold statement look or keep it subtle?

You can also get fresh ideas online and from lifestyle magazines. Make sure you share your ideas with your timber floor sanding and polishing professional to get the look you want.

Choose the Colour

Of course, staining is all about getting the colour and look you want. So, you have to have a clear idea of what kind of shades, tones and finishes you are looking for to stain your hardwood flooring. Even if you are confused, your floorboard sanding and polishing professional may be able to help you.

Collect as many ideas as possible regarding the colours – whether you like dark or light, the contemporary finishes, or the traditional ones. In some cases, you should also consider the natural lighting of your home. It’s because you don’t want to end up turning your floors way too dark for the poor lighting.

Therefore, keep in mind to ask for colour samples from your floorboard sanding professional, the same as your timber species. Also, make sure you put the sample boards directly on the floor and compare them with natural lighting.

Hopefully, you may now have some idea about selecting stains. If you are looking for the best wooden floor sanding and staining service in Sydney, we are here to help you. We have countless staining options that every Sydney home needs for a makeover.